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    SWR Class 442 diagrams

    (Moderator note: This is a thread for 442 diagrams; also see: Class 442s - storage, refurbishment and redeployment in the Traction & Rolling stock section if you wish to discuss the trains themselves) These are the long term plan 442 diagrams from May to December 2019, obviously please note...
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    Class 444 Wi-Fi

    Some good news for SWT passengers. The long awaited introduction of Wi-Fi to the Class 444s is finally nearly here. Trains have already been fitted with the equipment and it should start going live from Monday, with the full fleet up and running by the following Monday. Even better news is that...
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    FGW M-Ticket Trial

    Haven't seen this posted elsewhere, but sorry if it has. FGW are currently trialling the availability of normal walk-up tickets through their app. M-Ticket is a fulfilment option on walk-up tickets in Devon and Cornwall with an origin or destination of Plymouth, but not an origin or destination...
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    You Can't Excess a TOD Ticket

    Now I've heard some strange, illogical, incorrect things about tickets in the past, but what I was told today is right up there with the strangest. I was seeking to obtain a simple excess from an Off-Peak Day Return to an Anytime Day Return for a ticket I had bought online in Advance, a journey...
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    Greater Anglia TVMs-Liverpool Street

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I haven't noticed it. I was playing around on the TVMs at Liverpool Street today, particularly the newer models Greater Anglia have. I'm not sure by what manufacturer they are but they are much smaller than the other S&B TVMs at the station. I was...
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    Compensation for Rovers

    Has anyone else ever tried to claim compensation for a Rover ticket only to be told by the TOC concerned that compensation is not available for holders of Rover tickets? I have looked through the NRCOC, and can find no reference to such a restriction. I am, well I was until they decided they...
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    57312 Works the WagEx

    Today for the first time a Full Virgin liveried Class 57 worked the WagEx. 57312 The Hood did the full round trip as all neutral or ATW liveried locos are out of use. Photos (not mine) can be seen here.
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    A Sunny Bristol Some photos from a day out today. Was wondering what people thought of them, all comments welcome. :)
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    Refurbished FGW Class 143

    This week the first First Great Western Class 143, 143617 was released from Eastleigh. I saw it at Bristol today and although I didn't get any photos of the interior I did think it looked good. Very similar to other FGW units, everything painted blue, Dynamic Line moquette applied to the seats...
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    Helston Railway Diesel Group

    Hello All, Today for the first time in seven years one of only two remaining Class 103 Park Royal DMUs was started up. This was the first time under the ownership of the HRDG but hopefully it will be many times again. This is a really big step in the preservation of the unit and eventually...
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    Class 33 tour - London to Exeter A Class 33 tour to London on Saturday May 2nd 2009 as part of the Salisbury 150 celebrations. Details on link.