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    Consequences of minimum connection time with advances on through train

    This is a situation I've been in a number of times, fortunately it hasn't gone wrong yet, but wondering what would (and what should) happen if it did. Say there is a regular service A-B-C, station B has a minimum connection time of say 5 minutes, and I have an open ticket from A to B and an...
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    Ely Station works

    A new poster at Ely this evening notifies passengers of work to begin 'soon' that involves a larger waiting room (good, much needed), some changes to the booking hall (can't remember exactly what it said about that) and ticket gates being installed (oh dear :-( Does anyone know any more...
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    Class 700s at Ely

    The last couple of weeks, every time I've seen the 0845 and/or 0947 Ely -> Kings Cross it has been a 700. I thought that in 'normal' times everything north of Cambridge was 387s. Are these booked to be 700s now? If so, ugh - the 0947 is my regular commuting train, and I'm starting to head...
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    Vaccine Passports under England 'Plan B'

    Despite really not wanting to do it - honest - the Government has published more details of how it would implement a 'vaccine passport' scheme under 'Plan B' this autumn/winter. Quite a lot of detail here for something they really don't intend to do...
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    Heading into autumn - what next?

    I thought it might be interesting to see what people think is going to happen next, and collect those opinions in one place. We're now heading into autumn - and then winter - again. Compared with last year, we've had the near-completion of the vaccination program - all adults who wanted the...
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    Boundary Zone Ticket Refund Query

    Today I wanted to do some stuff in London, and also visit Uckfield. So I purchased a Travelcard and a Boundary Zone 6 - Uckfield from Ely and set off. However, the train I intended to catch from East Croydon to Oxted to pick up the Uckfield service never got out of the platform at East Croydon...
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    Left Wing vs Right Wing responses to COVID

    moderator note: posts #1- #6 originally in this thread And yet, for some reason I still don't really understand, the vast majority of the supposed 'left' support all of this, and indeed call for it to go further! Baffling.
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    Total lack of attention to treatments

    It seems there are three tools you can use when faced with an epidemic. 1. Stopping people catching the disease and passing it on to others. 2. Stopping people who have caught the disease from becoming seriously ill. 3. Stopping people who have caught the disease and have become seriously...
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    PCR tests and false positives

    This seems very important. Our current strategy of widespread testing appears to be ignoring the fact that the PCR test has a non-zero false positive rate, which has major implications. In particular, at the moment it appears that *even with a positive test* it is more likely than not that you...
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    WHO : Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare' Yes, it is the WHO, so based on their recent performance they'll probably change their mind tomorrow. But if the risk from asymtomatic cases is negligible, that sheds new light on...
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    Cambridge North stopboards

    Does anyone know the reason that in the last week or so 4-car GN trains have changed stopping location - to the middle of platform 2 at Cambridge North rather than the south end? The 3-4 stop board is indeed now at the same place as the 8, and notices have just gone up informing about the...
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    Cambridge North ‘worst station’ for crime (!)

    A rather amusing article. Guess I’d better be more careful on my commute :)
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    Cambridge OLE problem (13th Jan)

    Total collapse in service at Cambridge tonight due to an OLE issue south of the station. Seems something went wrong with the overhead on a GN train about 1745 and nothing has been able to get to Cambridge from the south since. Lots of reports about of commuters stranded for hours across GN and...
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    Stevenage to Cambridge on Saturdays

    I’ve only just realised how poor the ‘service’ from Stevenage to Cambridge is on Saturdays. Two trains an hour, leaving five minutes apart :-( Worse, this makes for a very unreliable connection from the Leeds to Kings Cross service. I just had a six minute connection at SVG, and the LNER was...
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    Continuing driver shortages on Great Northern

    It is almost five years since GTR took over Great Northern, and we’ve been told endlessly how they’ve embarked on massive efforts to recruit and train drivers - and yet, we’re still seeing driver shortages on an almost daily basis resulting in cancelled trains. For example, yesterday they were...
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    Lack of last train north from Cambridge this week

    Each weeknight this week (except Friday) the last train north from Cambridge to Kings Lynn appears to be missing - the usual service leaving Cambridge at 2338 is the last one rather than the 0008. On the engineering part of GN's website it mentions engineering work between Hitchin and Meldreth...
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    Peterborough BR Mosaic

    I seem to remember in the mid-90s Peterborough station having a mosaic of the BR double-arrow logo to the left of the main entrance. However, I can't find any photos of it, and while I thought I had a photo of it myself, I can't find that either. Did this actually exist or am I imagining it...
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    Many different problems this week on my rail journeys

    I think I must have been rather unlucky this last week - either that or the railway system really isn’t doing very well, which doesn’t bode well for the future. On five of the last seven days I’ve had multiple cancellations, delays and/or speed restrictions due to windy weather. It seems we’re...
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    Kent Rover and railcards

    I was about to post a thread on here asking why the Kent Rover doesn't have any railcard discounts - as far as I'm aware it didn't have in the past, eg. when I last did one (in autumn 2011, I think). says still not, as does last year's annual booklet from Today's Railways. But...
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    PlusBus at a station without a ticket office

    A hypothetical situation, but one that I'll probably be encountering soon: I have a annual season ticket from Ely to Cambridge. I get off at Cambridge North, which doesn't have a ticket office. I want to get a daily PlusBus (perhaps I've just decided I want one, because the weather is...