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    London CIV validity

    Grateful if someone could explain the nuances of this for me. I am looking on which in standard class gives me four different return fares from Cheltenham Spa to London CIV. Two via any permitted and two via Stroud. The former presumably allow travel via Bristol Parkway, the latter...
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    Reading Guildford closed all day 14/9

    due to a signalling problem DAK anything more specific?
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    Heathrow Connect Resumed??

    Services to Heathrow seem to have slipped back to normal (?) at some stage in the last week with barely a comment let alone an explanation. So are they really back to normal and if so is any more detail available?
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    What was this? Laira to Kilmarnock

    I was at Cheltenham Spa earlier this evening waiting for the 2010 to Leeds. A few minutes before it was due a northbound loco hauled train went though which seemed to consist of two sets of FGW HSTs with the power cars replaced with normal loco hauled coaches Real time trains suggests it...
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    Bristol bus tickets

    What exactly is 'Bristol Buslink? I was sold a ticket to this destination today rather than the Plus Bus addon to the off peak day return fare that I was expecting. £1.50 extra fare rather than the £3.50 plus bus. I've found no sign of it on booking sites nor any useful information from a...
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    What could this train fault be? (Wednesday 24 Dec 2014)

    15:14 Hereford to London Paddington due 18:43 This train will be started from Colwall. This train will no longer call at Hereford and Ledbury. This is due to a train fault. It appears to have been ECS from Hereford to Colwall
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    Don Breckon painting

    DAK if this painting: is of an actual station or an imaginary composite?
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    Routing Cheltenham Cleethorpes

    I'm looking for an 'interesting' routing for one leg of this trip (with an offpeak return). One that is unlikely to produce a hostile response at a ticket check The direct route (quickest anyway) seems to be via Sheffield which is fine one way but a bit boring twice. The other way I'm...
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    Trivia: Retreating stations

    There must be a fair number of stations where the platform position has 'retreated' from its original location, usually to the inconvenience of passengers who are faced with an extra walk to the train. I'm thinking of places like Epsom Downs, Windsor and Eton Central and Marlow. Any more?
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    Routings from Warwick Parkway

    I recently travelled from Warwick Parkway to Urmston and back using an off peak return The journey planner gave as one option a routing via Birmingham (change stations) and Liverpool South Parkway. However the conductor on the Northern train on the final leg was reluctant to accept that the...
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    Stratford (on Avon) to Birmingham International

    I'm trying to get my head around the options for this journey. Fares seem straightforward enough: (with senior railcard) From Stratford - £8.10 anytime day return, £7.90 off peak From Stratford Parkway - £7.55 anytime day return no off peak option But I'm less sure on routing: (all...
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    Gatwick Flyaway

    Can anyone tell me if these tickets can be used Reading - Clapham Junction - Gatwick (ie route 'not London') or only direct (ie via Gomshall)? All the publicity I've seen suggests 'not London' but I can't actually print out an itinerary as backup as they are not sold online
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    Bus layout

    How common is 5 a side seating in UK buses? I hadn't seen it until recently when I came across it on an Astons (Veoila) vehicle 2 one side of the aisle, 3 the other, all with seat belts (school bus requirement?)
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    Paddington to Waterloo via Windsor

    Can be done for the price of a single journey underground ticket on at least the TPX and National Rail sites. It has to be a glitch but is it recent or well known? What's likely to happen to someone trying it?
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    London Didcot?

    There's an interesting post on Trip Advisor stating that a London terminals - Didcot Parkway off peak day return is valid Waterloo - Salisbury - Bath - Didcot. Sounds a bit unlikely but is there any truth in it?
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    Split ticketing - train not stopping

    I can sort of predict the range of responses I'll get but would still be interested in the answers. Say I've split tickets at Slough - off peak day returns. The train is running late and at Reading there's a last minute announcement that it will run non-stop to Paddington. And say I don't...
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    Megabus off route?

    Why would a megabus headed to Cardiff be on the A46 near Tewkesbury last Saturday at around 1315? Couldn't find any reports of roadworks/accidents though I may not have looked in the right place. The A46 wasn't as busy as it usually is if the M5 is closed It would have been about half an...
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    A pronunciation question Optare

    Is it Opt-air or Opt-arry?
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    zero fare excess

    A quick (but I suspect not very simple) question: does a zero fare excess get issued by replacing the existing ticket or issuing a separate supplementary one?
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    Rail line on George Gently?

    I'm sure the rail scene in George Gently this evening was in the same place as Jackson Brodie in Case Histories nearly met a sticky end a few weeks back. The place they scrambled down into the cutting looks exactly like where the car went over. DAK which - presumably heritage - line was involved?