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    "Mystery" LNER set on platform 6 at York?

    There was a 8xx set on platform 6 at York at approx. 1645 on Thursday 16 June. I cannot find any details of it on RTT. Does anyone know what it was?
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    GTR Key Smartcard?

    Mods note - split from here. What is a Key Smartcard?
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    York-Scarborough depart 0804 (5Z01)

    The above empty coaching stock did two return journeys on 08/03/22. Does anyone know the reason for these journeys?
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    1520 Carlisle to Nottingham (20/02/22)

    Does anyone know what happened to this service between Skipton and Sheffield? It left Skipton 75L but made 30 mins up by Sheffield. There is nothing on RTT.
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    LNER cancellations out of Kings Cross (15/02)

    There have been a number of LNER cancellations (5 so far) out of Kings Cross tonight. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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    Micklefield Station shut on recent Sundays?

    Why has Micklefield been shut on recent Sundays when the line has remained open?
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    T.P.E. terminating at Darlington.

    Does anyone know why some northbound TPE services have been terminating at Darlington today?
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    Poster at Mansion House Station.

    There was a gentleman taking a photograph of a poster at Mansion House which had the appearance of a round maze. He explained to me what it was but i have forgotten, something along the lines that it was to do with someone having visited all the Underground stations and that each one was...
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    Carlisle Kingmoor to Carlisle Kingmoor FRGT. Thursday 30/9 depart 1621.

    I noticed this diagram and wondered if someone could tell me what it is. I also noticed that it was scheduled for a 15 and a half hour diagram. Are there any longer diagrams in terms of time?
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    Thunderbird drag from Kings X to Neville Hill.

    On Tuesday 28 September at 1547, a class 91 set was dragged from Kings Cross to Neville Hill. Does anyone know what happened regarding its earlier arrival into Kings Cross?
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    Class 180 at Doncaster Wabtec.

    I noticed there is a Class 180 at Doncaster Wabtec, does anyone know why it is there?
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    1Y38 Newcastle to London.

    Does anyone know why 1Y38 Newcastle to London (1416 from Newcastle) terminated at York?
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    Covent Garden station re-opened?

    I went to Covent Garden yesterday and was surprised that the station has re-opened. When did it re-open and have the other stations on the Underground that were shut for Covid, re-opened?
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    Is York to Glasgow valid via Preston?

    So York to Glasgow is valid via Preston?
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    York - kings Cross stoppers.

    What has happened to the 1402 York - Kings Cross stopper this week? Have any more of the stoppers been withdrawn?
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    1200 Edinburgh To London Kings Cross. 6th Jan

    Does anyone know why this ran as a 5 car?
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    Doncaster to York S.T.P.s on 3 January.

    Northern had some STPs between Doncaster and York last Sunday the 3 January and also have some booked in on Sunday 10 January. What are these?
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    Derelict tunnel at Barbican.

    I noticed a tunnel at Barbican station that is now sealed of. What was it used for?
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    York - London stoppers.

    Does anyone know why the York - London stoppers are departing from platform 7 on a regular basis, instead of platform 6? The non stopper nearly always comes in on platform 5 to allow an easy cross platform change to platform 6. The trains that end up on platform 6 stopping the London train using...
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    Why is Temple Shut?

    Yesterday my train went through Temple without stopping. Is the station shut and if so then why?