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    Conductor Northern, Leeds

    Good luck
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    Trainee Drivers Northern, Leeds

    As per title, good luck all
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    Northern Depot Drivers x 2, Blackburn

    As per title of thread, Good luck.
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    Train Planning Student Placement Vacancy

    Cross Country are advertising a 12 month placement in train planning for undergraduates on relevant courses: May be of interest...
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    Customer Service Assistant vacancies, Virgin

    Virgin advertising CSA vacancies in various locations. Good luck all!
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    Northern Rail Conductor Jobs, Buxton

    Just seen the above advertised here but the deadline is 11 March so be quick!
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    Northern Rail website: CSA Liverpool Lime Street, Station Team Leader Man Vic Deadlines are on 20 January - this Friday - so get in there quick! Good luck.
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    Northern Rail Performance Information Manager - York

    This is about the 4th time today I've tried to post this one so if 4 threads appear all of a sudden, blame my internet connection! Deadline 10/01/12
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    Northern Rail Train Conductor - Middlesborough (Shifts)

    This is a new vacancy as of today with a deadline of 09 January! Be quick and good luck!
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    2 jobs LOROL - Trainee Driver and Traincrew Manager

    Not sure whether or not either of these have been posted, they came through on an email alert this morning: Trainee Driver New Cross Gate Depot Traincrew Manager East London Line...
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    Thank you and a little respect...?

    OK, so I'm a relatively new member of the forum. Very new, in fact. Just wanted to say I've found the forum a fantastic source of useful information - especially in light of interview insights - but come on, can we have a little more respect for others? Some of the posts I've read amount to...