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    e-tickets. North Wales Coast

    By sheer fluke, I have just discovered that London North Western Railways, which runs trains nowhere near North Wales, will offer me e-tickets for journeys soley along the North Wales Coast, whereas Transport for Wales, who run most of the trains, will not. This seems crazy. Normally I would go...
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    Heaton Lodge/Mirfield exhibtion - Dec.2021

    Unfortunately, I missed the above exhibition in Wakefield last December. I'm not usually into modelling, so don't subscribe to any modelling magazines, but would like to see this, so I wonder if any of you have heard of any venues yet for this year where I may go and see it. Thank you.
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    Stephen Cornish - Day Return to 1969

    I'm currently reading Stephen Cornish's "Day Return to 1969" [ISBN-13: 9798722485359 - printed by Amazon]. This is Cornish's autobiographical account of his railway career, starting on the CLC in the late 1960s. He describes the totally different ethos affecting the railway in those days, and...
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    Livin' in the outside lane

    My current bed-time reading is Paul Kirkham's memoirs of a bus and coach-driving career with Ribble and Standerwick in the 1970s. An interesting account of the days when coaches were not limited to 62mph and lanes 1 & 2 only on the motorways, and popular journeys like Blackpool-London sometimes...
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    East Didsbury & Sale Water Park Metrolink Park & Rides

    Does anyone know how busy the above usually get on a weekday? If I arrive between 9.30am and 10am at either, would I find a space or do they fill quickly?
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    e-tickets and TfW ticket gates

    Mrs W. travelled from Rhyl on the 0653 Avanti service this morning, using an e-ticket bought from the Avanti website. She found, not for the first time with this type of ticket at this location and with this train, that the gate would not accept her ticket, even though it was accepting...
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    Availability of e-tickets

    I am a recent convert to e-tickets [I know, being dragged into the 21st century!], and appreciate receiving them within a few minutes of booking and being able to store the attachment on my phone. I usually print out the ticket too -belt and braces approach! But not all booking engines seem to...
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    Further Restrictions at stations used by TfW

    I see from TfW Journey-check, Valley, Conwy, Yorton, Prees and Sugar Loaf are added to the list of stations temporarily closed from 5th July for social distancing measures. Also interesting is that TfW trains will no longer call at Earlestown. Presumably this is because the curvature of the...
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    Trivia - Residents' names for visitors

    [This thread was inspired by the thread "Britain's most underrated visitor destinations" in this same section] Back in the day when tourism was a vital part of the local economy and visitors were welcome, I think the locals in Devon used to call visitors "grockles" and Cornwall "emmets" I'm...
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    TfW 156?

    Are my old eyes deceiving me or did I actually see [at a distance] a 156 in TfW colours forming 1K07 1028 Holyhead-Crewe today? I'm sure it had droplights and doors at the end of each coach. Or is the strain of lockdown getting to me? [Apologies if this has been mentioned before]
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    Trainscanbecheaper website

    On the old Virgin West Coast website I could book an Advance Ticket for an outward journey, and for the return an off-peak single [online only], available on any off-peak train, provided it was booked at the same time and as part of the return journey. This was usually half the price of the...
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    Transport for Wales - N.Wales-Manchester- 1st January 2020

    I notice TfW is running RR buses between Chester and Manchester Piccadilly today, yet I can't find any signs of engineering works between Chester and Ordsall Lane as both Northern services to Leeds and via the Mid Cheshire line seem to be working normally. Does anyone know if there are specific...
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    Transport for Wales Concessionary Travel Cards

    Today I gave my new TfW Concessionary Travel Bus Card [Senior Citizen card] a spin. It worked perfectly on all Arriva journeys, but was rejected every time I attempted to use it on Llew Jones buses, even though they use the same Ticketer system as Arriva. When I mentioned this to the drivers...
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    Problem at Crewe North?

    Is there a problem with the track at Crewe North Junction? For the last few days, there has been a delay in coupling the 0448 Holyhead-Euston[1R13] with the 0530 Blackpool North- Euston[1K14]. The Holyhead has been on time, and then departure delayed, waiting for the Blackpool, which has been...
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    1R13 0448 Holyhead-Euston 29th July-2nd August

    Does anyone know why this service has been cancelled between July 29th & August 2nd? There is no mention of its cancellation on the "Forthcoming Engineering Works" section of the VT websiite and it is not showing-up in the booking engines. RTT shows it as "cancelled in timetable" It actually...
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    Decline in information quality (non-rail related)

    Reading some of the posts in the above thread started by Deepgreen on the "Infrastructure and Stations" forum, I thought of similar gaffs in a non-railway context, caused again by sloppy proof-reading/spelling errors, in places where you'd expect a higher standard. I was once amused when...
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    By bus again to Blaenau - 21st January

    Because of a rock-fall in Ffestiniog tunnel, that well-known quasi-TOC Llew Jones International is again doing the honours between Betws-y-coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog.
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    Missed connection at Warrington Bank Quay: told to buy new ticket by ticket office staff

    Could I ask what is the latest situation concerning the above with Virgin Trains West Coast? I travelled today from Rhyl to Edinburgh with the outward part of an off-peak return from Rhyl to Warrington and an Advance Ticket on the 0927 from Warrington Bank Quay. I caught the 0813 [1H83] from...
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    Fire at Llandudno Junction (31/03)

    North Wales services were disrupted this morning by a small fire at Llandudno Junction, apparently, according to the North Wales Post, in Roger's Taxi Office on the platform. Although the fire was extinguished by 9am, and train services were resumed, they are now not calling there for the rest...
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    Phishing Scams

    Just a warning that I have received two emails in the last month purporting to come from the Inland Revenue informing me that I will receive a tax rebate on supplying personal details by return of email. The first was for £900 or so and the second for £700! I informed HMRC and deleted them...