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    Out of curiosity, which TOCs enable you to buy tickets online without having to register for an account? Chiltern, Grand Central?

    Not a TOC as such, but Trainscanbecheaper does not require you to set-up an account - indeed it has no facility to do so.
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    National Express General Discussion

    As the 551 is booked to stop at Nantwich, I presume it goes via the A51 and the A500
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    Passengers thanking Drivers

    Recently, I had an advance ticket for a Northern service from Manchester Victoria to Halifax, and on arriving at Victoria earlier than I had expected, I asked the guard/conductor of an earlier train if I may board for my journey. He seemed surprised to even be asked, and welcomed me aboard...
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    TfW Chester to Manchester Airport 04:45 - two routes?

    That's interesting - thank-you. 1653893266 I remember a few years ago, having an interesting Saturday journey from North Wales to Manchester via the Cheshire Lines. I think almost every service to/from North Wales went that way, so pathing musn't have been a real problem. It was a novel...
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    TfW Chester to Manchester Airport 04:45 - two routes?

    It's interesting your saying TfW is retraining crew for the Mid-Cheshire route. Is there perhaps the intention at some stage in the future to divert the North-Wales -Manchester services that way to avoid the Castlefield Corridor? It would be good to include the Middlewich line to Crewe so that...
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    Transpennine Industrial Relations

    With respect, I don't see the point you are making. Are you saying some conductors want to be paid for actually scanning tickets? Were they previously paid specifically for examining a ticket and punching /scribbling on it when that ticket was found to be in order? I thought they were paid for...
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    The only ones slightly north of Cherry Tree I can think of are Rose Grove and Briarfield.
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Cherry Tree?
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    e-tickets. North Wales Coast

    Yet when I try the Avanti Website for a return journey from Rhyl to Bangor using TfW trains, it will only offer me tod or postage of paper tickets!!
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    e-tickets. North Wales Coast

    I am registered with both Transport for Wales and Avanti West Coast, the 2 tocs which operate along the North Wales Coast. TfW offers me either tod or an m-ticket via their app, which is not the same as an e-ticket. AWC offers me an e-ticket for journeys to London Euston using their trains...
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    e-tickets. North Wales Coast

    By sheer fluke, I have just discovered that London North Western Railways, which runs trains nowhere near North Wales, will offer me e-tickets for journeys soley along the North Wales Coast, whereas Transport for Wales, who run most of the trains, will not. This seems crazy. Normally I would go...
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    WCML problems @ Rugeley Trent Valley. 1/4/2022

    My wife was caught up in this. Boarded 1810 Euston-Holyhead. Had a Grand Tour of outskirts of Birmingham. Now expected home 62 minutes late. Delay repay, here we come! She would have preferred to be home on time, though.
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    BR era special ticket offers

    Ooh yes! You've just reminded me. They were excellent value. The Eastern Region promoted them too. I lived in Leicestershire then and remember driving to Peterborough for a trip on a recently-introduced HST to Newcastle, followed by a run along the Tyne Valley to Carlisle, then an 86-hauled from...
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    BR era special ticket offers

    To coincide with the introduction of the popular diesel multiple units in the late 1950s-early 60s, the North Eastern Region introduced the "Day Line Diesel" ticket. It was issued in two sections, Northern and Southern and was a good way for a cheap day out. You could also use it on...
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    Historic passenger train lengths in the UK

    The famous "long" platform at Manchester was formed when platform 3 at Exchange station was extended over the River Irwell to meet platform 11 at Victoria, making a platform of 682 metres long. It was in effect 3 platforms, with crossovers allowing 3 trains to be accommodated simultaneously...
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    Replacement Bus Services

    Growing-up in Halifax in the early 60s, I can't recall any rrb services, as there were still many alternative routes available and the local drivers seemed to have a vaster route-knowledge. Diversions I can still remember travelling on include Halifax-Huddersfeid-Penistone via Sowerby Bridge...
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    History of Transpennine services

    In my opinion, the low-point of the Trans-Pennine services came when 150s were substituted for loco-hauled stock. And if a 150 was not available, anything could turn up. I remember seeing a photograph at Chester station of a 2-car pacer working a Holyhead-Hull express! 1646770861 I used to hope...
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    History of Transpennine services

    I remember the afternoon services from Newcastle to Liverpool were at 3.16pm and 4.47pm. The former was a bit of a run-around service, calling at Durham Coast stations to Northallerton and then via Ripon and Harrogate to Leeds City via Wetherby. [The Liverpool-Newcastles via Harrogate went via...
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    Trivia - when first class is worse than standard.

    I think it differed from one class to another. The original Met-Cam sets [later Cl.101] had cushions so thick you bounced up and down in them when passing at speed over indifferent pointwork and 60 ft rails. But the later "Calder Valley" units [Cl.110] had much firmer seats, and the NER sets...
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    Avanti West Coast timetable

    Other beaches are available :D