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    TPE strike 10th April: Buses CAR - EDB

    Hello all I need to get to Edinburgh this Sunday and my normal route would be via Carlisle. There are Avanti trains as far as Carlisle but buses forward because of engineering ops. Some of the rail-replacement buses are shown as running on behalf of TPE. Can we assume that they will run as...
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    Blanes railway washed out

    Guardian article: says /quote/Last stop, underwater: the Spanish railway line being devoured by the sea The picturesque Maresme line has carried passengers from Barcelona...
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    No LNR service between Crewe and Liverpool, evening of 29/3

    Arrived at Lime St 1640 today to find the 1705 to Brum cancelled (not for the first time.) Asked the Avanti staff "is the 1647 going to stop at Crewe instead then?" Answer: "certainly not, we are a different company." They just don't see that people will either go by train, or if the railway...
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    (Retired safeguarded) Staff travel restrictions

    After a dispute with a member of on-train staff I cross-checked the restrictions (link half-way down here: and found that they had sneaked out a version 2 of the Winter restrictions, although strangely it is dated before...
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    Reasons behind VAR on RTT?

    Is there any way of finding out what is behind VAR? In the days when I worked off the Special Traffic Notice we would look at every train's description and check its implication for what we were working on. E.g. 9S54 0843 London Euston to Edinburgh Retimed and find that maybe some pathing time...
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    Europe looks ahead...

    While the UK festers in the 1960's. ... w-strategy(faster-trains-and-cheaper-tickets-to-boost-european-rail-travel-in-new-strategy) says which is all good news - as long as we can get out of the UK! A...
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    The Signalman

    BBC4 22.00 on Monday night. Let's hope it does justice to the Dickens original.
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    Passive provision - extreme optimism!

    Don't know whether this should be in a speculative thread, but the optimism of building this viaduct with provision for an eventual second track is amazing! (If I have interepreted it correctly.) Given the state of the approaches (and the cost of doubling them) is there any way a double track...
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    What is this train? (Unadvertised) shows an "Unadvertised express," 113V 0740 from Bangor, calling along the coast then Chester, Crewe and non-stop via Sutton Park to Bristol
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    Boris' latest madness: roundabout under the Isle of Man

    As the Beaufort Dyke is an insuperable obstacle to a tunnel between Scotland and Ireland, it seems Boris has found a way round it... Now we have multiple tunnels, meeting at a "roundabout" under the Isle of Man...
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    Focus on Covid-19 could be more damaging to other health issues

    Moderator note: Split from People need to read things like this discussing NHS England's change of heart... and a lot more commentary about this statement. watch...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    Mod Edit: Posts #1 - #14 originally in this thread. Have you really not got a bike? If you can do it on foot, then a bike makes it even easier as it carries all the load for you...
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    WCML wires down and disruption

    Haven't seen / can't find a thread about this: NRE is saying Sounds bad.
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    Q: When is resilience important? A: When it's for a road!

    A recent TV programme “Our Coast” had a section about the Menai Strait and mentioned that the third road crossing is still seen as essential “because the existing road bridges get closed in high winds.” I wasn't even aware that one was proposed, but a bit of Googling reveals it was a serious...
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    Which "rules" are optional?

    Prompted by a discussion in the thread about "Do I Have A Seat Reservation Stalker?" I thought I would widen it out... If you can sit in any seat regardless of the reservation that comes with your cheap ticket why should you bother about being on the correct train or TOC? Discuss...
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    Welsh borders infrastructure work?

    NRE currently is saying Is this something like platform edge adjustments?
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    (Almost) gauntletted track

    The Werrington grade separation thread had a link to the signalbox diagram for Walton which seems to have the Up Coal and Up Goods lines so close together that the convergence is protected by home signals and trap points. Is there anywhere else...
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    WCML closures Spring 2020 says It's a blow to me...
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    In the "Times" today but as it's behind a paywall I can't see any more! Anyone here tempted? I am tempted - but only to suggest that the DfT should have recruited them a couple of decades ago...
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    Exhausted drivers... says Driver fatigue was a factor in the Croydon tram crash too. I just can't understand the UK obsession with not employing enough people to do a job properly. I know it's for the benefit of the shareholders and the top brass's salaries...