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    No direct train from Clapham Junction to Guildford on Saturdays

    Is there some engineering work happening? For the next few Saturdays in July I need to change at Woking, which isn't usually the case.
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    Seat locations on the bus from worst to best

    Every bus passenger knows there’s a clear hierarchy of bus seats. But which are the worst and which are the best? Up front near the driver - Not only are you at risk of an old person squeezing in your seat and telling you their deeply-prejudiced views on Strictly, you’re exposed to every...
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    Claiming back alternative travel because no train service was running?

    I was at work last Friday and when I finished there was no train service at all going from London Victoria, London Bridge, etc. I had to take a series of buses home. I already have a season ticket. Do you think I could claim back the £1.50 from Southern?
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    Appeal - CCTV images released following sexual assault at East Croydon

    A family member was sexually assaulted at East Croydon, I am posting the public BTP details here in the hope her attacker is caught. Please move this post if it is in the wrong section.
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    Oval to London Bridge

    I'll be starting a new contract next week and need to travel from Moorgate to Morden on the Northern line. When looking at the TFL journey planner, it's directing me in completely the opposite direction counterclockwise half way across London which is frankly ridiculous! Surely there's a...
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    Isle of Wight hovercraft pricing confusion

    So when I try and book a day return from Southsea to Ryde on 8/01/22 it's £34.20. But when I add a day Island Line travelcard the total goes down to £25.40. So as I've got no need to go on the train, I might as well buy it anyway?
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    5ft female bus driver sacked for being 'too short' to safely do her job loses dismissal appeal I do feel sorry for her. I would not want to be forced to a different role with a pay cut!
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    Godalming station dispersal order?

    Just saw this Tweet from the BTP Anyone familiar with the area know if this ASB is quite common? I guess bored kids lurking around?
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    Southeastern Hastings to Charing Cross via East Croydon?

    What’s the reason these are diverted via Croydon, on their website there’s no mention of any engineering works? Maldonado curious how many of their drivers sign this route?
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    Long distance vs short distance services and boarding

    Following on from this thread, maybe I'm odd but I do different things depending on what TOC I use. For example, on Southern services even though London Victoria to Brighton might be considered "long distance", I just board only a few minutes before departure. Elsewhere, on GWR services from...
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    Volunteer Oyster card?

    I've never really heard of a volunteer Oyster card before. Looking at a job description for Poppy charity collector: Looking through this I'm not sure which card that would be, any ideas? 1634147308 Ps, i'm referring to this document
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    Travel to East Meon

    I could either get public transport: ECR - Clapham 0634 - 0644 Clapham - Petersfield 0652 - 0813 Petersfield Stop E - All Saints Church Bus 67 0835 - 0845 or get a taxi from Petersfield: ECR - Clapham 0726 - 0735 Clapham - Petersfield 0752 - 0913 I remember the 0752 from Clapham always had...
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    Do you stand up more to people who are sexist and misogynistic on public transport in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder?

    After 2 years of no football fans, I was on a train full of them. A small group where chanting "Wayne Couzens did nothing wrong". No-one told them it wasn't OK to say that and I was too scared. Would you stand up more to people who are sexist and misogynistic on public transport in the wake of...
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    0850 today from Waterloo to Frome

    Anyone know why the 0850 today from Waterloo to Frome didn’t turn up?
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    2 days commute East Croydon to Victoria

    I've now been authorised to work from home 3 days a week. Looking at the NR season ticket calculator it'll cost me either: £12.60 / day £43.20 / week (Cost per day: £21.60) £165.90 / month (Cost per day: £19.16) Looks like just tapping in every day is the cheapest.
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    First class travel for wheelchair users?

    This has blown up on Twitter today I don't think any TOC offers wheelchair spaces in 1st class? Maybe on the GWR IETs?
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    British people and queuing at railway stations

    Why do British people like queuing but never do at railway stations? They always crowd around the door, unlike in Japan where people queue to board trains. Just seems a bit odd to me they are happy to queue everywhere else!
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    East Croydon to Southease

    According to NR website, I can get the 1110 arriving at 1156 in Lewes and change for the 1200 to Southease. I've never been to Lewes, is that enough time to change as it seems a bit tight?
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    Has Covid affected politeness when travelling?

    During lockdown I've noticed people less inclined to help people or accept help. For example, a mother was struggling up the station stairs with a pushchair, but she declined my offer of help as I would be within 2m of her baby. The same thing happened with I offered to help an elderly lady...
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    TFL and TOC dual stations and COVID rules?

    So I use Wimbledon station. With TFL having a mask requirement, where do I put one on? I use platform 10 (TFL tram) and sometimes platform 9 (SWR). Will there be some sort of invisible line down the middle? When does the underground station, the lower concourse stairs? Same with Richmond, will...