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    Chiltern trainee vacancies - (Marylebone / Aylesbury / Banbury) Just been posted today
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    PIS listing stations not called at

    At Birmingham Snow Hill today, I noticed that the PIS display, after scrolling through the stations, noted that the next train was not calling at Small Heath or Tyseley. I was wondering if there are any other places where the PIS specifically mentions stations that the train doesn't call at.
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    Trains with duplicate headcodes at the same location

    I noticed today there were two trains with identical headcodes leaving Clapham Junction within minutes of each other. 2L33 1207 Waterloo - Basingstoke / Alton (dep Clapham J 14 late at 1230) 2L33 1229 Clapham Junction - Stratford (dep Clapham J 6 late at 1235) These seem to be booked WTT...
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    Angel Road station closure proposal

    The DfT have published a consultation on closing Angel Road station once the nearby new Meridian Water station opens in May 2019.
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    Fraudulently obtaining railcards Surprised it has taken this long for this loophole to be revealed publicly, I remember thinking there was no way for them to verify the passport / licence details when...
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    Class 172 to Richmond

    There will be a rare chance to ride a Class 172 DMU in passenger service to Richmond next week. The trains are being run to try keep them in good working order during the current Gospel Oak - Barking closure. 2G81 0912 Willesden Junction to Richmond 0930 2G82 0941 Richmond to Willesden Junction...
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    Trivia: Smallest station with multiple ticket offices

    Willesden Junction has two separate ticket offices, one at the Harrow Road entrance and one at the Old Oak Lane entrance. I'm surprised TfL hasn't tried to close at least one of them yet, and was wondering what the smallest station is with two distinct ticket offices? A related question is...
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    BBC Arts Presenter Mariella Frostrup "thrown off" GWR train at Taunton The train in question was the 2006 Paddington - Plymouth. Leaving aside her alleged behaviour for the moment, I am curious as to why GWR felt it necessary to run this train (the last of the...
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    Arriva Rail London - Qualified/Trainee Driver Vacancies - Dec 2016

    Arriva Rail London (London Overground) are advertising for trainee and qualified drivers at all depots - closing date 21st December.
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    Priv rates available online for Caledonian Sleeper

    It is now possible to buy priv rate fares on the Caledonian Sleeper website. Details of how to book are on the ATOC Rail Staff Travel website under News & Offers.
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    "Don't alight here for...<place>" signs

    Was passing through Stoke Mandeville today and noticed signs telling anyone heading to Stoke Mandeville Hospital to not get off and alight at Aylesbury instead. Do any other stations have signs telling passengers to use a different station for some local attraction? Mods' note: if anyone...
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    Trivia: Most changes required between two stations operated by the same TOC

    Once LOROL take over the West Anglia services it will require a minimum of 3 changes to get from Emerson Park to South Hampstead, despite them being run by the same TOC and only about 20 miles from each other. I can see a few other examples of three changes, but is there any pair of stations...
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    Current vacancies thread

    Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to have a sticky thread in this forum purely for posting currently open vacancies? At the moment it can be difficult to tell which threads are about current vacancies, and which ones are discussing peoples progress in vacancies that closed months...
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    Longest booked stop not at a station

    As part of yesterdays West Yorkshire challenge I travelled on the following train from Moorthorpe which is booked to wait for 10 minutes at South Kirkby Jn. Was wondering if there are any passenger trains that have a longer...
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    LOROL / GA Trainee Drivers - Chingford Recruitment is being done by LOROL, although the successful candidates will be employed by Greater Anglia initially until the routes transfer over in May 2015. Closing date is 2nd September, but as always...
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    LOROL - Qualified Drivers - New Cross

    LOROL are advertising for qualified drivers at New Cross if anyone is interested. Closing date 21st May.
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    Finsbury Park platform renumbering

    The platforms at Finsbury Park have been renumbered over the weekend. All existing platforms have increased in number by 2, and presumably 1 & 2 will be used for the disused island platform that is currently being brought back into service. The new layout will be Up Slow 2 Platform 1/2 (under...
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    Fare setting on shared routes

    Imagine a route from A to B where TOC X runs 2/3 of the trains and TOC Y runs 1/3 of the trains. TOC X owns the flow from A to B. If TOC X wanted to reduce the fare from A to B, would they need the agreement of TOC Y (because TOC Y would lose income)?
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    Alexandra Palace

    Whose bright idea is it to install a fence on the Up Fast platform edge at Alexandra Palace so trains can no longer stop there? Although it is not in regular use, it is useful to have the option of Fast line trains stopping there if the Up Slow is blocked for engineering work or some other reason.