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    Impact of a conviction for fare evasion on careers

    This subforum has a bad habit of overexaggerating the impact of a criminal record on careers – a single conviction for a minor offence is rarely an issue even in national security jobs, as long as it is declared at the first relevant opportunity and not covered up. This particular instance...
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    Eurostar disruption 05•JUN•22

    A power failure between Gare du Nord and Aéroport CDG has resulted in widespread disruptions and cancellations on Eurostar this afternoon. Gare de l'Est is also affected and riot police have been deployed to "keep order", which has turned out the same as the Champions League match. Train 9O57...
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    Eurostar ski trains Winter 22/23

    Eurostar has decided once again to only offer bookings on its winter weekend services from London St Pancras to Bourg St. Maurice (calling at Moûtiers and Aime-la-Plagne) as part of package holidays with TravelSki. Tickets won't be sold directly. The services, which have daytime and night-time...
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    Price of US ESTA increasing

    From Thursday, the US will increase the cost of ESTAs (the online visa waiver required for British, Irish, and many other passport holders) by 50%. The ESTA is valid for 2 years so those minded to apply can do so at the old price of $14pp today and tomorrow. (Not sure if this is the best forum...
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    COVID bounce-back loan frauds

    In news that is unlikely to surprise many of you, £17bn of the £47bn paid out in COVID "bounce back loans" is now considered unlikely to be repaid, with the British taxpayer on the hook for every penny. As much as £4.9bn of the drawings were considered out and out fraud. I sat through this in a...
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    The beginning of the end for the 100ml rule

    Shannon Airport has recently abolished the 100ml rule at security citing more advanced scanners. After over 15 years it's a very interesting change.
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    Easing of COVID measures in Europe outside the UK

    Ireland announced abruptly yesterday that with effect from this morning, most remaining COVID legal measures were dropped, including: Limits on gatherings 5,000 person attendance at outdoor events and 1,000 indoors 100 person attendance at weddings 8pm closure of hospitality venues Vaccine pass...
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    Vaccine pass regulations in England

    The vaccine pass regulations taking effect from Wednesday at 6am have been published (SI2021/1416). They apply to nightclubs, indoor non-seated events with over 500 people, outdoor non-seated events with over 4,000 people, and other events with over 10,000 people. As well as vaccine passes, a...
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    CrossCountry train staff resolving tree obstruction

    Not seen this elsewhere but train staff on a CrossCountry service (I cannot work out which one) went to extreme lengths to ensure their passengers reached their destination yesterday. A tree blocked the line at Cam & Dursley, and the driver deployed a saw and with the other train crew members...
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    Legal challenge to mandatory hotel quarantine

    PGMBM, a London law firm specializing in group litigations, has filed a judicial review against mandatory hotel quarantine. They seek refunds and compensation for their double-vaccinated clients on the grounds that the policy is irrational, disproportionate, and against human rights. The firm...
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    Penalty Fares on the Luton Airport Passenger Transit System

    SI 2021/907 makes rules about the LAPT and penalty fares thereon. They are in rather less detail than the corresponding provisions on National Rail. A few notable points: The Penalty Fare is set at £25 If a Penalty Fare is paid on the spot in full the passenger is not required to give their...
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    Masked and unmasked coaches

    I really don’t want this to turn into yet another thread about the relative merits of face masks (and I am sure the moderation team won’t either) but consider this. From 19•JLY•21, what if TOCs had one or more separate coaches in which passengers would continue to be required to wear face...
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    Excess fares in “new” ticket style

    I had occasion to obtain a change of route excess yesterday and got this – it looks like a half-baked attempt to change excesses over to the new(ish) ticket style. I’ve also attached one from last year for comparison.
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    "Hug your friends and family" from 17 May

    Recent media reports suggest that the date on which people will be "allowed" to hug friends and family will be brought forward from 21 June to 17 May. How generous of the government. (As we know on this forum, this has never in fact been prohibited.)...
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    London Underground and DLR Zones ticket but only on National Rail

    As part of an outing I have planned next month to hopefully get on one of the final EMR HST runs, I have booked advance tickets to/from Market Harborough and from/to my local Southeastern station, in each direction using Thameslink between London Bridge and St. Pancras. The journey is entirely...
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    Isle of Man locks down - the consequences of “keep COVID out”

    Similar to local measures in parts of New Zealand and Australia last month, the Isle of Man has today gone into a 21-day “circuit breaker” lockdown, its second of 2021, after an outbreak of 40 cases arising from a resident ferry worker. The worker, who was not isolating outside work as required...
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    No obligation to give name and address to police suspecting COVID violation

    Today in the High Court, Judge Steyn and Judge Dingemans quashed the conviction of a Mr. Neale who was convicted of obstructing a police officer. Mr. Neale was suspected of breaching one of the Coronavirus regulations and a police constable demanded his name and address in order to issue a...
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    Calais Railsea tickets

    Railsea tickets to Calais via Dover and P&O are as of today suspended until further notice as P&O are no longer accepting foot passengers.
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    New national restrictions in Wales

    Mark Drakeford has just announced that from 18:00hrs on Friday all indoor hospitality will have to cease serving alcohol for consumption on the premises and close at 18:00 daily. All indoor entertainment such as cinemas, arcades, bingo halls, and soft play must also shut. (source: BBC news TV)...
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    New 4-tier system for England

    There does not yet seem to be a thread on the new tier system coming in on Wednesday (or is it Thursday) for England. The large swathes of the country in tier 2 and 3 have caused considerable negative feedback and it appears MPs are finally listening. The government may have to concede that...