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    Werrington grade separation approved

    Popped out for a walk this evening. Admittedly only with my phone, and it was 9.30pm, so the light was terrible. Not much has changed since the last pictures just up-thread.
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    MML Electrification

    There is a wired up turnback siding just beyond Corby station, which I assume is there to put the 360s in when the higher frequency timetable kicks in and they need to weave freight in between passenger workings.
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    What recent improvements have their been in rolling stock technology/production, and how has this developed over the years?

    Second this. In 2010 I remember sitting with Eversholt’s fleet manager for a certain 3rd rail fleet based somewhere in the South East and him showing me on his laptop all the things from the fleet in realtime; brake handle position, speed, diagnostics etc. All very interesting stuff.
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    Shenfield Shark [not] On The Move

    If going by rail, surely it needs to be removed under possession? The thing is a risk to move in traffic due to the bits that are likely to fall off it!
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    Trivia: Stations that have the most train destinations? (Inc Sunday, late night, peak hours)

    Chelmsford has some peak only services to and from London that usually go into / start from the Down Goods Loop just north of the station.
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    Clacton Station Resignalling

    Did NR ever fix those points properly (cant remember which set) that kept failing spectacularly late last year, right outside the station?
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    Clacton Station Resignalling

    I believe 3 of the 4 platforms still retain their LNER era searchlight signals and mechanical disks, controlled from the signal box at the station throat. Haven't been there in a year though, but the there used to be at least 1 full semaphore near the carriage shed.
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    B5 bogies

    Eastleigh have some underneath a 442 motor coach at the moment.
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    Remaining operation semaphore signals on the U.K. Railway Network

    Is there still a semaphore and mechanical shunting discs at Clacton on Sea?
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    Most Depressing Stretch of Line on the Network

    The Colchester Town branch. Short but dismal.
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    Trivia: Right hand running

    The GEML north of Shenfield is mostly bi-di. I think its SIMBIDS though, so slower speeds and no AWS wrong line. swills may be able to confirm.
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    Class 442s - storage, refurbishment and redeployment

    On a downward slope, with a trailing wind and a lot of luck.
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    Not totally. Would you want to take a 91 and a consist of mk4's around Weedon curves at 125?
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    It isnt really safe to be throwing mk4s around those curves at 125. Just look at their envelope, they'd be seriously out of gauge.
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    It isnt safe to run non-tilt stock on the WCML curves at 125. Unfortunately the laws of physics get in the way. The 90s dont have tilt ability. The 91's and MK4, whilst designed with tilt in mind in the late 80s, were never actually fitted out with the required mechanisms for this nor the TASS...
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    GEML - Track problems Up Main between Maryland and Stratford

    Ilford flyover is patrolled on foot regularly. When this happens its usually done under Green Zone rules, you'll see GZAC in the signal berths between Stratford and just north of Ilford.
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    Important stations with no toilets

    Chappel and Wakes Colne. Seriously! If you've been drinking at the Swan and need to take a leak before the last train to Mark's Tey arrives, it's really painful. From experience. Also, whilst St Pancras has toilets, I find that whoever designed them really under specified the capacity of the...
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    Anybody for Chris Green coming back to the railway for a third time?
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    Greater Anglia PBoro to Ipswich service abandoned

    There arent very many drivers in that neck of the woods passed for 755s yet. At last check, you could count the number on one hand. I'm sure that is being rectified as best they can though.
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    Running everything through the DGL and P1 at Colchester?