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    Windermere battery trial

    ...which means that it is less timetable-dependant. There'll be another along soon. A tram(-train?) off the single-track, no-passing-place branch would trundle slowly through busy tourist traffic (April to October and other school holidays) presumably to somewhere like The Glebe then return to...
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    Windermere battery trial

    :D Amused at the thought of a tram on the road between Windermere and Bowness.
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    Ince Moss Junction : abandoned tracks

    Thank you for your replies.
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    Ince Moss Junction : abandoned tracks

    Travelling from St Helen's to Wigan and approaching Ince Moss Junction, on the west side of the line there are five or more abandoned tracks among the birch trees which have established themselves there. Could anyone tell me, please, why these tracks were there? Given the amount of steel and...
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Rightly so. People who use the airport trains to/from the Lake District may also disagree with you, particularly those with heavy luggage to take from platform 3 to platform where they need to take their chance on a TPE unit both turning up and not being very full of passengers who may have...
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    Barrow in Furness Station subway

    Network Rail are making use of the subway line closure to do other (maintenance) work in Low Furness, too.
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    Altered Settle-Carlisle and Bentham line services from 17 Feb

    Maybe the change of trains is to help relieve backside-numbing of passengers travelling from Carlisle to Leeds? ;)
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    Trivia: Stations which had a Woolworths store very close to them.

    Carlisle - same side of English Street as Court Square and the main station entrance.
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    Northern service to Scotland?

    As featured on YouTube
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    New routes from Teesside Airport

    Carlisle Not The Lake District Airport made much of this in advance of launching their new routes. No good there, though, if you want to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday (no flights) leave Dublin for the US before evening or your return flight gets you in to Dublin after 8:30am (due to timings...
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    Shapps to reverse Beeching cuts

    Hyperbole does not make a convincing argument.
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    Sheffield Station Waiting Rooms

    Good idea. Could burn bits of Pacers. EDIT: Oh, no. Perhaps not yet in Sheffield. :oops:
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    HS2 decision expected to be made this week as Johnson calls cabinet meeting over its future

    The line continuing from Birmingham to Leeds is the real game-changer for the East & West Midlands and Yorkshire, especially in conjunction with NPR/HS3. (Not sure about South Yorkshire, given the proposed Thomas the Tank branch That Sheffield City Council have talked themselves into.)
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    Class 153 journeys on Settle Carlisle line

    From time-to-time, yes. Also three cars with a Class 153 tacked on to something else. The latter was the case on Sunday and Tuesday this week when my journeys included this line and I made the mistake of sitting in the 153 on one of the journeys: drafty, noisy, rattles. On the other I sat in...
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    The news on their website is of 40 miles 'officially' achieved on battery power (news item dated 15th January)
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    Aviation Discussion

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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    Shh. They don't want people to know!
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    Petition for Manchester Piccadilly platforms 15 & 16

    'Traduction' peut-être? Probably 'prise' for occupé?
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    Railway Pubs

    ...including Barrow's Furness Railway, their largest hotel. (A bigger hotel opening in County Dublin later this year.) Lots of railway detail in the pub (which has a long narrow layout and can get crowded in the central bar area) (*Carlisle's 301 Miles bar on Platform 4) Agree. Good bit of...