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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Most interesting- Newcastle to Berwick. Some absolutely beautiful scenery along there. I never tire of seeing it- however when travelling back from Aberdeen after our honeymoon I pointed it out to my husband who just pulled a face! Most nostalgic- Liverpool Lime Street. The scene of far too...
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    People Mis-Naming Railway Station/Companies - Habit?

    I fell into the Gateacre trap every time :D my ex lived there for many years and when we first met (long distance relationship back in the late 90’s so initially we used to write to each other) I always used to refer to it as Gate-Acre until he taught me to say it properly the first time we met...
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    Mobility Scooters on Northern Question

    A power chair is not an option for everyone. It was not an option for mum at the time as she could not afford it. Not everyone with physical disabilities gets PIP etc. She was able to keep her scooter in a purpose built shelter outside but that would not have been suitable for a power chair...
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    Mobility Scooters on Northern Question

    What they don’t tell you is that one of them was an electric wheelchair, not a scooter- yet despite many of them being bigger and heavier than scooters they continued to be allowed as ‘banning them would inviolate the DDA’ (actual quote from Nexus there!) At the time my severely disabled mum...
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Another vote for Newcastle from the South here. I’m an exiled Geordie lass who lives in the Midlands now and that approach means I’m coming home.
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    Most Depressing Stretch of Line on the Network

    Beeston to Nottingham. Although that could potentially be because that signals I’m almost at work :D
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    Football fans "shunted out by train bosses"

    I live in Leicester and I was once chatting to the staff member at Leicester station who was doing my assistance onto the train. He told me that Leicester Tigers (rugby) fans cause more problems than Leicester City fans! One of the worst and scariest overcrowded trains/platforms I’ve ever seen...
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    Full article- Save The government’s in-house train operator faces a struggle to recruit enough rail experts as concerns mount that at least five major franchises are at risk. Sources said that the so-called operator of last resort (OLR) — a subsidiary of the Department for Transport — was...
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    Legality or otherwise of opening post for someone not at your address

    I open all my fiancé’s mail but he has severe mental health problems and cannot deal with official letters etc. He works for Royal Mail himself and he’s red hot on such things but as his appointee and carer I’m able to do so. Yet if I’m away and receive mail that I need him to open (eg hospital...
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    I have an EMR smartcard but I’ve not used it in a while. I buy 5 returns a week (I have a Disabled Railcard so it’s cheaper to do that then buy a season ticket) and for some reason their website doesn’t like that at all. And neither does the smartcard- hidden in the fine print it tells me that...
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    Issues at Sheffield 07/12

    Sheffield was absolute chaos mid morning. I changed there on my way to Doncaster and I went between about three platforms before I finally managed to get on a train!
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    Should railways be doing more to improve delivery of announcements by visual methods?

    I agree totally. I am hard of hearing and if I’m on a train somewhere unfamiliar I really struggle without a display to follow to tell me where I am.
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    What has caused the large increase in delays to LNER services recently?

    They sent me an email today apologising for yesterday’s disruption to my journey and encouraging me to claim Delay Repay. (Already have) I got caught up in the backlog of an incident on the line.
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    passenger confusion over trains going to similar sounding destinations

    When I was at university in Nottingham I often used to go to the ticket office at Nottingham station when I was going home and ask for a return to Newcastle. I was refused a return every time and when I asked why I was told ‘there’s no return fare as it’s too short a distance’ somewhat bemused I...
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    Trivia: Large towns in UK with no railway station

    When discussing Gateshead, would the Metrocentre station count as mainline? (Although granted that’s technically Swalwell I suppose) I spend a lot of time in West Bridgford and didn’t even know there was once a railway line there. Granted it would be useful!
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    People Mis-Naming Railway Station/Companies - Habit?

    I’m from Newcastle and I know my mum and a lot of her family still refer to ITV as Tyne Tees.