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    Xmas Period Extra Trains Opportunity?

    All this fuss every year. Passengers know Xmas to new year trains are chaotic. If you are that desperate to travel book early as soon as tickets are released to get a guaranteed seat! I blame westfields for everything that is wrong with England. Corporate greed! HAVING to have the shops open...
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    Fatalities Discussion

    Apparently this was a child (to be confirmed) that was wandering around the track. Was struck by a northbound ex Baker St Met Main service in the end. Halted all Met Main, Jubilee, and Chiltern services for some time. Marylebone and Baker St in chaos .
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    Use of Tablets by Drivers

    As long as it's not in contravention of the drug and alcohol policy lol
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    Redspottedhanky booking fee

    I bet all TOC websites will do this in future. Wait and see.. Now they want everyone to buy online even giving incentives and discounts so they need less booking offices. When nobody is buying tickets at the booking office any more they can justify closing them and cutting staff, then...
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    Manchester Transport Advice

    Thanks andyb for your help and going into so much detail. I've gotta say I'm really shocked the last train is at 10pm. I can't find out anywhere when the show finishes or how long it lasts or even if there is an interval, but I think I'll try my hardest to get the last one. Even if we have to...
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    Manchester Transport Advice

    Thanks for the help everyone. To answer some questions no we don't plan to move before about 10am so off peak tickets are fine, having breakfast in hotel both mornings. I guess the show will be about 3 hours (not sure if interval or not) ... Last metro at 10pm?? Seriously ?? :o
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    Manchester Transport Advice

    Hello Everyone you Lovely People :) OK So I am dragging the Mrs to Manc-land to see Phoenix Nights at the Manchester News Arena on 15th Feb. Tickets for it were a massive rip off, almost as bad as the eye watering 'booking' fee and the £2.60 postage fee (since when was it £2.60 for an...
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    East Coast (or whoever ) ticket advice

    Ps it was AP tickets, so non refundable. Also thanks for the link to food stuff, Sunday don't look too good lol! Any chance it could change with the incoming TOC take over?
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    East Coast (or whoever ) ticket advice

    Also have used booked some first class EC travel how long does it take for reward points to appear on my account ?
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    East Coast (or whoever ) ticket advice

    Sorry forgot to say travelling Sunday March 1st
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    East Coast (or whoever ) ticket advice

    Hey.. Everyone!! Firstly thanks in advance for any help. Looking to travel with mother from Edinburgh to London though she's leaving the train at Donaster. Although I have a priv for cheap tickets, I have 500'reward points, so imagine I can get a free journey. She doesn't have any...
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    network rail staff privileges

    "And a number of other benefits, such as free counselling, childcare vouchers, and volunteer leave." Are they really selling that as a bonus? "Yes witness a fatality and get FREE counselling, nothing to do of course with us wanting you back at work ASAP"
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    Which union is more appropriate RMT,TSSA or even ASLEF?

    RMT!! Pm me if you want a chat about it (I'm a local RMT rep)
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    Bus driver brawls with passengers - was it fair he lost his job?

    I think they should have awarded him some kind of commendation lol... Or promoted him to inspector
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    Waiting Rooms with comfy seats

    What about ladies waiting rooms, any of them still around? Think there used to be one at one of the far east District line stations... Dagenham east or something like that maybe, on the London-bound platform
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    I want your opinion: Is it worth writing to the DfT?

    I agree, no point whatsoever. Sadly :(
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    FGW to convert First Class carriages

    What next? Cutting down the first class on 2 car turbos?
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    Night Tube Launch Date Announced

    I love all this talk and in the media as though its going to happen, especially as both TUs left talks about it and rejected LUs 'deal' recently
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    Trivia: Journeys that go in and out of counties (read first post)

    Im sure there used to be a once a day or something LT service, which departed Barking (sidings) went around the circle and back up to Barking before terminating in the bay road. So it would have left Essex, into London, then back into Essex on the same journey.