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  1. RealTrains07

    Will the May 2020 timetable be affected by the lockdown measures and what will the effects be??

    Note, Split from: I know we wont know the full impact until after the next lockdown review. However, I thought as the new timetable is due to start the week after the review, it would be useful to get a discussion going...
  2. RealTrains07

    Coronavirus - TOCs struggling with their reduced timetables

    Couldn’t find any thread already discussing this topic. So I thought it would be good to separate it from other issues affecting trains. I have noticed since the reduced timetables started on Monday, some TOCs have been struggling more than others with the reduced timetables mainly due to crew...
  3. RealTrains07

    Redcar British Steel future following the saving of British Steel How likely is it for northern to resume services at Redcar British Steel following this change?
  4. RealTrains07

    LNR offering 20% discounts on journeys to london and birmingham

    Received an email from London Northwestern Railway today about compensation for season ticket holders. It also mentioned that currently they are having a sale on tickets to london and birmingham how many people are aware of this? Is this really a good way in bringing back passengers? What...
  5. RealTrains07

    Flooding: 26th October - Stafford - Stoke and the North West of England

    Severe disruption due to flooding today. Anyone been affected by it? Has their been worser periods of flooding on the uk rail network in recent years? How does flooding compare to other major issues for TOCs and network rail? According to latest from network rail...
  6. RealTrains07

    Grand Rail Collaboration (GRC) launched to improve services in the West Midlands

    Another addition to the changes brought into the west midlands. Hopefully one which will be very effective i think. Thought this would be a good discussion area after the recent problems on rail...
  7. RealTrains07

    Watchdog probes West Coast rail franchise award to First Group and Trenitalia

    Apologies if their is a thread on this already but nothing came up in various searches I did. Yesterday it was announced that: their are a couple of other articles that go into better detail. This was the most clearest one i could find? I can link and post them if requested.
  8. RealTrains07

    SWR Siemens Northam Traincare Open Day

    Not sure if their is thread about this already but As part of Rail Week 2019. Siemens is doing its yearly facility open day this year at the SWR depot in Southampton First time its been opened to the public in 6 years! What do you think? Are open days like these beneficial? Anyone going? As...