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  1. LAX54

    Yarmouth Vauxhall C/Sdgs reopened

    From today, 26th Yarmouth Vauxhall carriage sidings are back in use, after some 30+ years, loco test trip on 26th, and 5 Mk3's booked to stable/store there from 27th.
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    'Assistance' Test Trip 755/745

    Tonight they have run a test trip, with a 4(5) car 755, hauling a 'dead' 745, left Liverpool Street at 0018, arrived Colchester DGL at 0147, seemed to go fine :-) this will then form 5Q32 0408 Colchester DGL to Crown Point train length 302 metres.
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    The Local Radio Station for Norfolk had a documentary today, about the signal boxes and Signalmen on the Wherry Lines. Available on BBC Sounds Radio Norfolk......THE LAST VICTORIANS.
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    Reminder that today (02/02/2020) is the last day, to travel under Semaphore / AB block between Brundall and Lowestoft, and Oulton Broad South and Lowestoft, Acle Single already 'closed' for the project from Friday night. When it all reopens in a few weeks, will be under the supervision of...
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    More Level Crossing Lunacy ! Manningtree and Colchester

    I see NR have released footage of 2 xing incidents in Essex this week: "'"
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    How much ! ? (BA Strike Issue)

    Had, well have a flight booked with B.A to Toulouse in September, this was all paid for back in Jan / Feb, all OK, just got an email saying we are so sorry, but we have had to cancel your booking on the return, due to the Pilots strike, (which is the day before) OK annoying, but when I look at...
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    GA Class 317 problem ?

    Does anyone know what is wrong with the 317 fleet ? seems they all have to be checked overnight / weekend ? some will be able to go back into service and some not (after the inspection)
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    On Holiday in Spain, UK Holiday makers complains..full of Spanish people Seems this person went on £1300 holiday (for two) and found that Benidorm, was full of Spanish people, and it ruined her holiday, demands FULL refund :) Title should ne....UK...
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    1P68 2130 Liverpool Street (05/08)

    Cracking run to Colchester ! 1P68 managed Witham in 37 mins, and Colchester in 46 ! and in fact some other IC services later in the evening did just as well :-) Goes to show what can be done when traffic and passengers are light, and all lines open to London ! :-)
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    And People moan about Railway Car Parking !!

    My Wife is going away to see her Brother, flying from Stansted, She is disabled, so I need to park close to the Terminal, so I can get her to the bag drop and then to 'assistance' The drop off car park, you are not allowed to leave car unattended, or it wont be there when you get back ! that is...
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    Ipswich - Manningtree Engineering Overrun 5/6

    Heads up... Engineering overrun Ipswich to Manningtree this morning 5th June, looks like until about 0645 or so. (Both Roads)
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    Season ticket and Student Rail Card

    I have been asked, if you can combine a student railcard discount and a season ticket ? A friend of the wife's wants to go Folkestone to Sandwich, I am assuming school terms only, so would be monthly seasons thnx
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    BTP release video of near miss at Routs Xing near Ipswich There are no words that can be used really !
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    Is there too much reliance on technology when it comes to rail fares?

    Is there too much reliance on technology nowadays, that we get to the point where we do not even have £2.50 in a pocket ? plus mobile phones are not 100% reliable, I would not risk everything on paying by contactless!
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    Clacton/Colchester Line

    Following the appearance of a large hole last Wednesday evening (very Railway Children orienated, as it was first reported of a tree had fallen towards the track) that started off as 9 metres x 5 metres, and got bigger as the night went on, thus closing the line from that date, all has been...
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    Norwich 'Low Level' sidings ?

    Does anyone know how the Low Level sidings at Norwich got their name ? Its not like they are lower than the main station :-)
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    Disruption GEML 12/12/17 Morning

    Seems there is a track defect at Forest Gate on Up Main, Engineers are working on problem now, they hope to have it fixed by 0730, so one assumes that services to London will have to be thinned out for at least the first part of the peak :-(
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    Lowestoft to Ipswich service diverted via Norwich

    OK not a discussion as such, but this afternoon Oulton Broad Swing Bridge failed, the 1405 from Lowestoft to Ipswich could not run booked route. This train then ran as a 'special' Lowestoft to Ipswich via Norwich Station, departing at 1425. 2D87 (1405) was booked to arrive Ipswich at 1534...
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    AGA CHARITY SPLs 16.09 2 x Cl 68's / DVT SET

    Today...16th is the AGA Children's Charity Specials: It will be NC10 set Top n Tailed with two Class 68 locos. (001 and 034 ? ) Will form 1G01 1020 Norwich to Ely 1G02 1155 Ely to Norwich 1G03 1333 Norwich to Liverpool Street calling Ipswich only 1G04 1624 Liverpool Street to...
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    OHL Damage Thorpe Le Soken

    Due to OHL damage at Thorpe le Soken there is no service from Clacton / Walton to Colchester this morning until approx 10am, one assumes AGA will have replacement buses running.