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    "Open All Doors" function

    How many units have an "open all doors" function? Issue raised in another forum whether traincrew could operate doors to avoid passengers having to press "door open" buttons in current circumstances.
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    Station spotting logs

    (Can't think of a better description) A few years back the Ian Allan shop in Manchester stocked some weighty volumes which listed observations at various stations (I seem to recall Preston) "back in the day" as I recall. Anybody know who published them or their title? Or of any other source...
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    Stored 365s at Crewe South Yard

    Is there a list available anywhere of which units are currently stored at Crewe South Yard ? They are more visible than previously as there's been an outbreak of tree felling in the area!
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    Beeching closures

    Moderator note: Split from Since it's over 50 years since the Beeching closures what proportion of the population are "missing" what they...
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    If announcements are prerecorded why not get them right?

    I was at Wolverhampton yesterday as the Aberystwyth/Pwllheli train was arriving. The announcements for some of the Welsh stations were excrutiating. Llwyngwril and Abererch in particular. Since they are pre-recorded why not employ somebody who can get them (even approximately) right ?
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    1628 Derby - Kettering

    Visiting Derby today I was surprised to encounter a 1628 to Kettering via Oakham and Corby. Didn't realise there was any booked passenger service that way. Is there a corresponding northbound service? And what is it actually for?
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    Coach Station but no Bus Station

    A trip to Chesterfield (my first in 40+ years) yesterday and I discovered it has a "Coach Station" but no "Bus Station", which set me wondering how many places have such a combination. The only place I could think of was Birmingham. However, it does all depend on how you define coach and bus...
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    "Timetable's changing. You can't have one."

    Weird experience at Preston today. Wanted to use the East Lancs but wasn't sure where exactly I wanted to go - depended on journey times and return train times. (Not an area I know well.) Plenty of Virgin, TPE and even XC (!) timetables in the booking hall, but nothing Northern. Went to the...
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    "Delicious" announcement

    A new - deeply irritating - announcement has emerged at Virgin-managed WCML stations. We are informed that "a delicious range of hot and cold ... blah blah blah" are available on whichever service is being announced. Now, I've got no problem with "a service of hot and cold refreshments is...
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    Southport: why is arrival so slow?

    Been making a few journeys to Southport recently and struck by how painfully slow the last bit of the journey always seems to be! From Birkdale we jog along gently then in the last mile or so we usually get stopped for at least a couple of minutes before creeping into a platform. From Wigan...
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    2 car ac emu - practical?

    After another journey on a very crowded 350 I wondered whether a 2 car unit was practical in engineering/electrical terms? There are quite a few 2 car dc units "south of the river" and the Clacton Units included 2 car sets at one time but would such things be practical now? (I realise that...
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    Crewe - Derby strengthened today

    Anybody know why Crewe - Derby services were beefed up today. 3x153 on 1507 departure; Meridian on 1707. Usually done for Uttoxeter Races or WCML blockades - don't know if either apply today.
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    Wolverhampton Steel Terminal changes

    Noticed today that (at least) two sidings at Wolverhampton ST have been removed. Anybody know what's planned? (Hoping it doesn't mean a reduction in rail use.)
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    Is Deansgate a "Manchester Station"?

    Used a Crewe to Manchester Stations ticket today. After visiting the city centre I ended up at the bottom end of Deansgate. Wasn't sure if my ticket was valid. Guy on the barrier (who seemed very confused by the question) said it was. Was he right?
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    Off Peak Day Return - starting en-route

    An OP Day Return A to C via B is cheaper than B to C. Can I start from B on the A to C ticket?
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    "This is Euston" ... at Crewe !

    Noticed something very, very odd at Crewe today. A station announcer has started using the following form of words (I may paraphrase slightly): "Platform 1 for the xxxx to Manchester Piccadilly. This is Manchester Piccadilly. Wilmslow, Stockport and Manchester Piccadilly." I thought it was...
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    4 car Virgin Voyager ?

    The departure boards at Crewe today were showing the 1449 Chester (1310 ex Euston) as a Four Car train. Can anybody explain what was going on? I thought all Virgin's were 5 car.
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    Trivia - Stations named after people

    How many stations are named after people? There's all those Victorias of course, and - in a way - all those St prefixes (and Welsh Llans) are named after ... well ... Saints, who may - or may not - have been actual people. Thinking more of stations named after more "ordinary" people...
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    Does an Excess follow Splitting Rules?

    Query: I hold a Manchester - Euston ticket. While in Manchester I meet a young lady and spend the night in Runcorn (unplanned) :D . I now want to travel from Runcorn. Can I "excess" for the Runcorn - Crewe section? Does my train have to stop at Crewe?
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    Macclesfield to Kendal via Crewe?

    Is a Macclesfield to Kendal ticket valid via Kidsgrove, Crewe & WCML? A friend tried it and got an earful. I can understand EMT and LM not being keen between Kidsgrove and Crewe since I suspect they get nowt from such tickets! :D