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  1. Prodigy

    Travelled on the next available train (after cancellation) but being charged.

    Hi guys, I am asking this on behalf of my Mum's friend, who travelled to Newcastle with some friends. They bought a ticket to go to Newcastle from Manchester via thetrainline. When they got there the train that they booked on was cancelled. They were told to get on the next train. The guard...
  2. Prodigy

    Looking for advanced fares for 22nd April Man Picc to London

    When will they be released? I notice the 21st has the Open return price set a 77£ but the 22nd is an absured 300£+. Will it be tomorrow? --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Nevermind. Site I'm using to booked was only offering me most expensive fares on a certain search. Found Open...
  3. Prodigy

    Terrace Sports bar prices?

    Hi there, I'm meeting a friend tomorrow, who's from Nottingham and is visiting family in Manchester. We've planned to go for a few drinks in Manchester and catch up as it's been a year since I've seen him. For both of our convenience I was thinking about going to the Terraces Sports Bar in...
  4. Prodigy

    Stalybridge closure in November?

    Hi there, I recently heard that the Huddersfield – Stalybridge line will be closed for a week in October/November due to work at Stalybridge. As I commute to my University from Mossley, I was wondering if there is any information in place for alternative travel plans. I'm presuming there will...
  5. Prodigy

    Why do ticket checks/sales not happen on some Rail Replacement services?

    So a few weeks ago I had to travel on a rail replacement service between Mossley and Manchester, as there's work taking place on Sundays. I had my money ready to buy a ticket, which I presumably thought would be from the driver, as the ticket office from the station was closed. However, to my...
  6. Prodigy

    Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Victoria Direct?

    Forgive me if this is a stupid question or in the wrong place, but this is something that baffled me last week and I thought I'd enquire about it here. So I was on my way back home from Old Trafford and had to change at Manchester Piccadilly, and as I was heading towards the elevators to get to...
  7. Prodigy

    Will the auto PA System Voice ever change?

    Now I don't know whether every station has it, but I am sure the majority of you will of heard the posh womans voice which auto announces the next train to arrive, the train standing at the platform, delays, safety notices etc. I know it sounds stupid but I'm really beginning to get sick of...
  8. Prodigy

    Is Manchester Victoria slowly being rennovated?

    Over the past few months I have noticed a few improvements at Manchester Victoria Station, new toilets have been built and the seating on all platforms has been updated and modernized. Also it looks to me like some structural work is going on but I can't quite tell. With this being said, is...
  9. Prodigy

    What counts as Manchester STNS?

    I'm travelling to London in a couple of weeks and my ticket says Manchester STNS. Now I live in Mossley and I purchased the ticket before realizing I wouldn't have my Rail Pass this month, with this said I was wondering does Mossley count as Manchester STNS or are only central zone stations...
  10. Prodigy

    Tight changing times.

    Okay, so to make my way home from University each day I have get the train from Bolton to Manchester Victoria then get the train from Manchester Victoria to Mossley. Usually due to the time I finish I catch the 3 minutes past the hour service from Bolton to Manchester Victoria (Final stop...
  11. Prodigy

    Single to Bolton from Windermere.

    Off on a family and friends holiday to Windermere on Friday the 17th of February. I'm traveling back home in the car but in University on the day we travel there so will have to travel from Bolton to Windermere and meet the family and friends there. I'm looking to travel around 2ish as I...
  12. Prodigy

    Do I need the card I booked Advance tickets with?

    Travelling to London in April on Advance tickets which were paid for by debit card. I was wondering if I will need to show the conducter the card I paid for my advance tickets with. Reason I'm asking is I'm getting a new card soon so don't want to get rid of it in case the conductor needs to see it.
  13. Prodigy

    Can I change the seat reservation on an Advance Ticket

    I'm heading to London for an overnight stop on the 16th of April. On my Outward Journey I realize I've been given a table seat. Now I'd of been fine with this but I have really long legs and I had a real bad experience with a table seat on a Class 185 on the way back from Scotland and I presume...
  14. Prodigy

    When do Advance tickets usually get released?

    I'm looking to travel to London from Manchester on the 16th of April and return on the 17th of April. I always thought that booking in advance would give me the cheapest of prices however I've notice that there's not any reductions yet... Will this change and when?
  15. Prodigy

    Stockport - Stalybridge, will a full service ever operate on this line?

    It's been interesting to read about the Stockport - Stalybridge line being kept open just because of a parliamentary service. Being someone that lives in Mossley and recently having worked in Stockport I was just wondering is there any possibility that a full service will ever operate on this...
  16. Prodigy

    Cancellations and delays

    Just updating people on here. Due to a signalling problem between blackpool and preston all trains from manchester towards that direction are running late, its also the same heading towards manchester from stations along the line. Also the 1027 service to Huddersfield from Manchester Victoria...
  17. Prodigy

    Packed services.

    This morning I was catching the 8.07 service from Mossley to Manchester which had come from Huddersfield... only I didn't catch it. For some reason the train was only two carriages instead of the usual four Nothern put on for this service. Me and my Dad attempted to board it but it wasn't...
  18. Prodigy

    Arson attack on line between Bolton and Salford Crescent.

    Was on the 15.56 from Bolton to Buxton today and we had to stop somewhere between Bolton and Salford Crescent apparently due to an arson attack? Train staff seem to be of tending to the issue as two of them got the fire extinguishers off the train I was on. Ended up taking around 45 minutes to...
  19. Prodigy

    Confusion over the 8.07 from Mossley to Manchester

    In the morning I usually get on the 8.07 train from Mossley to Manchester and then change at Manchester for the 8.33 service to Wigan Wallgate. Often it is difficult to make the connection as the 8.07 service is often late but usually the service to Wigan Wallgate is also late so I make it with...
  20. Prodigy

    Funny Railway/Railway Station/Train fails.

    Kind of a fun interactive thread I hope. Post any funny fails you have seen along the railway network whether it be at stations, on Trains or on the tracks. This can be do via picture or just explanations. I'll start us off: Waiting for the 12.47pm train from Mossley heading towards...