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  1. GearJammer

    Model loco repaints.

    Does anybody know of any companies that do really good top quality model locomotive detailing and repaints? Ive looked up TMC but they appear to only do renumbering/namings. Im not to bothered about cost, it just has to be good quality? Thanks in advance.
  2. GearJammer

    Yeovil Railway Centre gala, 31st May & 1st June.

    To celebrate 20 years of the Yeovil Railway Centre the site is holding a weekend gala. For the modern traction fans ex BR class 50 D400/50050 Fearless will be on display, cab visits and engine room tours will be available and the D400 Funds sales stand will also be present. Also visiting...
  3. GearJammer

    Red & Blue Admiral (Portsmouth)

    What happened to them? I just looked at the new buses being scrapped thread and some of them looked in good nick, it got me thinking of the buses i recall in my area, the old MK1 & 2 Leyland Nationals that Provincial used were pretty much life expired when they desapeared but there was this...
  4. GearJammer

    Lima NSE MK2 question.

    Hi all, ive got an old lima mk 2 coach here in front of me, its had a poor weathering job done on it so im trying to take it appart so i can clean it up and make it presentable... Ive got the bogies off the chassis, and after a bit of perswation i got the chassis off the body, but im damed if...
  5. GearJammer

    FIRST Southampton.

    Ive only a passing interest in buses so forgive me if this is old news or mentioned elsewhere..... I was driving through Bevois Valley last week and noticed a new bus garage/depot, how long has it been there and is this a replacement for the depot/garage that was/is up the road at Portswood?
  6. GearJammer

    Can you identify this steam locomotive?

    Hi people, driving round this evening looking for a place to park up for the night when i found myself in what i will call a rather rundown and less than desirable part of Barking East London (River Road Ind Est) when i came accross this locomotive, needless to say i was somewhat surprised to...
  7. GearJammer

    Virgin 47/8's

    Can anyone please put a pic up or provide a link to the picture of the heritage liveried 47's that Virgin used on its cross country duties, on the last day they were all lined up at i believe Derby for a picture, and its this shot i need. I thought i quick google search would show it up but i...
  8. GearJammer

    Hornby LTD Edition wagons?

    As im sure everyone who even has a remote interest in model railways knows, Hornby has every year produced a wagon in there own red livery with the year it was produced on the side... Simple question... what year did this start? Im thinking about starting to collect them, are they a...
  9. GearJammer

    Train painter questions.

    Hi all, does anyone know what it takes or how you go about being a train painter/sprayer? Is it a sought after job, is it well paid, is it something anybody can do or does it take training and/or experiance? When i left school i worked briefly in a car bodyshop doing a small amount of...
  10. GearJammer

    00/H0 track?

    Hi guys, i went to The Engine Shed at Ford today to have a look around and buy some bits and pieces, after looking at all the UK stuff i went and had a nose round the American and Continental stuff, now it was the track that got my attention, i found some HO track made by 'KATO' it looked great...
  11. GearJammer

    Portsmouth 10th September.

    Hi all, as some might know 70000 is due into Portsmouth On the 10th (Saterday) with the Pompey Pacific, does any body have times for this train as there not on the mainline steam tours site yet, also i believe theres a FGW HST coming to Portsmouth the same day on a tour, again does anybody have...
  12. GearJammer

    The Hogwarts Express.

    Can anyone tell me if the loco that hauls the Hogwarts Express is still in service or has its boiler ticket expired? Also, bearing in mind i live on the southcoast, when and where is a good time to see it running if it does indeed still run. The missus wants to see it, any help would be...
  13. GearJammer


    Hi all, ive just watched a short video on the WNXX site of 66248 in Poland carrying its new DB Schenker livery (and very smart it looks to). Obviously i could'nt help but notice that it does'nt have any yellow paint on the front, it also looks to have diffrent lights on the front, does this mean...
  14. GearJammer

    Riviera 47's ?

    Whats happened to the Riviera 47's, it might just be me but you don't seem to hear much about them these days, are they all stored and out of use or have i just not seen them about?
  15. GearJammer

    66/3 @ Southampton

    Hi all, as i type theres an ex fastline freight 66/3 on Freightliners Maritime depot on the fuel point, its to far away for me to get the number, does anybody know which one it is? Regards ;)
  16. GearJammer

    HELJAN 47's

    Hi all, recently i decided to get my Heljan locos out to put a few on display, amoungst them i have 14 class 47's, i was somewhat surprised and gutted to find that two of them had seriously damaged bodies despite being in perfect condition when they were packed away, one had the body split in a...
  17. GearJammer

    DRS 37's @ Bristol.

    Hi all, i seen a Network rail test train top and tailed by a pair or DRS 37's at Bristol on Wednesday, does anyone know the numbers, they went over a bridge and i had a good view but the dam bridge rails were right in line with the numbers :|
  18. GearJammer

    Locos at Studley?

    Hi folks, i took a container to Alleys Heavy Haulage at Sudbury this week, i was just told the company was called Alleys, i never realised who i was going to untill i arrived, anyway....... When i arrived there a few railway locos stored on site, while i was getting unloaded the lads kindly...
  19. GearJammer

    59/66 Fuel tanks?

    Hi all, Who and where would fit fuel tanks to class 59's or 66's? I ask because i was sat on the quay down Southampton docks this week waiting for a container and noticed 3-4 flat rack containers each with 2 fuel tanks on them making for 6-8 tanks in total, seems a lotta fuel tanks to order...
  20. GearJammer

    Missing Black 5 ??????

    Hi all, waited at Portchester today to see the steam tour to Bath & Bristol hauled by black 5 44932, according the mainline steam tour site it was 9:18 past Cosham a few miles along the line but at 10:30 it was still a no show :( Was it cancelled or was i just not patient enough (though to be...