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  1. Cambus731

    Nei Peart has died

    Just coming over the news. Aged 67. An absolute amazing drummer.
  2. Cambus731

    Galashiels or Peebles

    In June, myself and a friend are looking at staying a night in either of these towns. Having never been to either, I would welcome advice about which is the more interesting town to stay in. eg general ambience, interesting shops, pubs, etc.
  3. Cambus731

    Manchester Metrolink in a day?

    I must admit to being a little surprised that Ive been unable to find any mention on the internet about someone seeking to do this mow quite substantial system in one day. Surely someone out there must have attempted it? I guess it is because its not as iconic as The London Underground or say...
  4. Cambus731

    plain sheet of paper, design a new Chelmsford city network from scratch

    On the recent First Essex discussion the general consensus of opinion was that Chelmsford's local bus services were in a bit of a mess, after various routes were being tweaked and had bits bolted on from withdrawn routes etc So I thought if anyone was to design a new, hopefully commercially...
  5. Cambus731

    Chances to do rare track

    It's occured to me that there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated about how and when to do difficult or rare bits of track. (or if there is i can't find it) So I thought I'd create this one. The idea being advice about how to do the odd bit of line that either only has available to...
  6. Cambus731

    Advice for a day track bashing around Manchester

    Not sure when this is likely to happen but I'm looking into spending a day track bashing around Manchester. It will probably be on a Friday for obvious reasons, as I'd like to to get the Stockport-Guide Bridge line in. So any information about odd working and bits of line that get very few...
  7. Cambus731

    Nuneaton-Coventry tickets

    Are tickets from/via Nuneaton to/via Coventry accepted via Rugby? This has come up because the Cross Country Trains from Stansted Airport to Birmingham are often late when they reach Nuneaton and so people miss the connection to Coventry.
  8. Cambus731

    banned from selling on ebay,

    I've been banned from selling on ebay due to events outside of my control. And they won't be reasoned with. Any advice about setting up new ebay/paypal accounts will be welcome. Anyone else ion here gone through this? I've had a look on the internet and it seems that they do this to people...
  9. Cambus731

    this is apalling (NHS to refuse surgery to the obese and smokers)

    Vote for a Tory government and this is the result.
  10. Cambus731

    trains from Maidstone to Ashford.

    I see from the Rail Atlas that there is a short piece of single line just west of Ashford International leading from the line, from Maidstone East. Does anyone know how easy it is to clear this line? Do all the trains arriving from MDE traverse it? Or just a few? I have virtually cleared Kent...
  11. Cambus731


    Anyone been? I'm considering staying for a night or two there in conjunction with doing The Borders Line. Would it be best to go on a working day in order to experience the place at its best? Up to now to me its just been a town with an amusing name that was mentioned in Blackadder
  12. Cambus731

    Stagecoach Olympians in Scotland

    I'm considering staying in Perth for a couple of nights in October and would like to get some Olympian bashing in if still possible. Am I right in believing saw that they sometimes drop on the route from Arbroath to Brechin? or would I be better of sticking around in Perth on the hope that they...
  13. Cambus731

    Have parts of Scotland become no go areas for English people?

    Has the run up to the referendum, and fall out from it, stirred up strong anti English sentiments in some places such as Glasgow or Dundee etc? Has anyone found a change in attitude to the English in some places?
  14. Cambus731

    Class 156 on Braintree branch

    Got a real shock earlier today. 156418 at Braintree station.
  15. Cambus731

    Buses that run along an A or B road with the same number present or past

    Sometimes it is merely a coincidence, as when Network Colchester extended the 133 from Braintree to Colchester in 2011 which involved some running along a short section of the A133 to the west of Colchester. Or deliberate as when the short lived Budget Buses ran their 12 from Colchester to...
  16. Cambus731

    Buses (not coaches) on Christmas Day

    TGM will be running the 133 between Braintree and Stansted airport anyone know of any others?
  17. Cambus731

    Whats the furthest distance between two rides you've had on the same bus

    Accidently or intentionally I rode on Stagecoach Leyland Olympian 013 TSO13X from Errol to Perth on the 16 on March 24th 1993. And on January 4th 2004 by then in the ownership of Stephensons, she dropped on rail replacement from Chelmsford to Shenfield. But I dare say there are people on...
  18. Cambus731

    New Routemaster trial running between Dundee and Arbroath

    I'm thinking about popping over to Arbroath to sample these in service. Does anyone have any idea if they work on Sundays at all?
  19. Cambus731

    Adam Ant

    The great man is 60 today.:D
  20. Cambus731

    Sophie B Hawkins

    My favourite female singer/songwriter is 47 today. :D do wish she'd come and do some gigs in the UK :(