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  1. deltic1989

    Actor Burt Reynolds dies aged 82 Burt Reynolds has died aged 82. My favorite film of all time is Smokey and the Bandit, and I have a lot of love for all of his other films too. This is a very sad day. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. Rest in Peace Bandit.
  2. deltic1989

    Not Always Right/

    I have not long since discovered this site. Having had a good read through I have seen some rather amusing and horrifying stories on there. To explain to those that don't know, this is a site where workers ( and customers/colleagues ( write stories about...
  3. deltic1989

    The last Dambuster Raid pilot Les Munro has died.

    I heard this morning that the last surviving 'Dambusters' pilot Squadron Leader John Leslie 'Les' Munro, died of a heart attack. May this heroic man, rest in peace. Thoughts with his family and friends at this very difficult time.
  4. deltic1989

    Trivia: Level Crossings where the barriers remain but the road is closed.

    To explain what I mean I am looking for examples of level crossings that remain in as built condition and functioning, complete with barriers (full or half) and lighting, but the road it was built to carry has been closed or has been converted to a footpath. One example I have found of this is...
  5. deltic1989

    Help Planning a Trip

    Hello guys, I would like to beg a few moments of your time to ask for some help regarding a trip Mrs D and I plan to take early next week. Our plan is to stay in a hotel in Malton N.Yorks, and to get there travel by train from Nottingham to York on advance purchase tickets (which are already...
  6. deltic1989

    Man Assaulted at Locomotion Shildon.

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I did have a look before posting. If it has then carry on :D . Disgusting behavior on the part of the woman if you ask me.
  7. deltic1989

    Electric Bills

    Apologies if this has come up before. I did try to search but didn't find anything to answer my particular question. I was sitting in traffic earlier today and saw a Virgin Pendo go rushing by, and my curiosity was piqued and I'm sure that one of the resident experts here can satisfy it...
  8. deltic1989


    Ive been looking into this a little bit lately after hearing about the Principality of Sealand Linkand the Principality of Hutt River Link. It got me rather interested in the mechanics of this kind of thing. It seems that the two 'nations' detailed above have either declared their land an...
  9. deltic1989

    Couldn't Complete Journey: Question

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. The story so far is: My friend attempted today to make a journey from Nottingham to Northampton to see his better half. He got as far as Rugby to be told by staff there that he would be unable to complete his journey due to the OHLE issues at...
  10. deltic1989

    VIRUS ALERT!! Metropolitan Police scam

    This evening, I was browsing youtube watching videos, when all of a sudden my computer screen turned white and displayed a message claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police Service. The message told me that Illegal files had been found on my computer and that it had been locked, and true...
  11. deltic1989

    Mystery Peak

    Passing the network rail depot at Derby today I noticed that parked in amongst the usual 37's and NMT there was a Peak. This Peak had what looked to be a shiney fresh coat of BR blue, but was totally devoid of any markings (Numbers, logos, nameplates) . Unfortnately I wasnt quick enough to get...
  12. deltic1989

    Truck Sims

    Does anyone here play truck sims? I have Euro Truck Sim and German Truck Sim. I used to have UK Truck Sim as well, but it was lost when I had to re-boot my laptop. What do you play? Would love to see some screenshots too :D . I am also part of a Virtual Trucking Company operated by...
  13. deltic1989

    Mr and Mrs Deltic's New Project.

    Over the last week Mrs Deltic and myself have started making plans for a small model railway layout. The Layout will be 'OO Guage', and built on a board measuring arond 4ft x 2ft. The idea is that it will be a terminus station on a preserved branchline, as then we can indulge both of our...
  14. deltic1989

    Partners, Taking an interest.

    Just wondering how many of our members Wives/ Husbands, Girlfriends/ Boyfriends etc, take and interest in our hobby. For my part my partner (aka Mrs Deltic) :wub:, is very supportive of my being a railfan, she even allowed me to take her to the fab four gala as her Birthday treat (You may...
  15. deltic1989

    Sat Navs

    The subject of Sat Navs came up on another forum I'm on, relating to a popular Munich based car manufacturer. Was woundering what you guys make of them? Anyone got any funny stories to relate about them. I have just treat my new car to a Binotone device which seems determined to take me onto...
  16. deltic1989

    GCR 60's Weekend.

    I attended the GCR 60's weekend with Mrs and Baby Deltic today. It was really interesting and we all had a good day, Isabel (Baby Deltic) seemed to enjoy her first sight, sound and sniff of a real working steam engine right up close. Here is a link to the pictures I took...
  17. deltic1989

    Xbox live Gamer Tags.

    I don't know if this has been done before? A search turned up nothing. So just wondering who here is on Xbox Live, and what your gamertags are? Mine is SolvablePlane5. I mainly play Cod and Hawx. but i can sometimes be found on GTA, and Assasins Creed.
  18. deltic1989

    The British Railway Series

    Was looking around Youtube for Thomas the Tank engine episodes for the kid when I came across this, I've watched a few episodes and it seems very good, anyone seen this before?
  19. deltic1989

    Funny Guard Announcements.

    Just sat on the 14:33 Lincoln-Leicester, and the guard in his announcement of the station calls did so in the manner of a catholic priest singing a psalm at sunday mass. really got a laugh out of the passengers. He's also now coming down the train checing tickets singing his heart out, good to...
  20. deltic1989

    Guess the UK Bus

    Ok so we've had guess the car and, gues the uk bus station so why not have a crack at this. Works the same as guess the uk train class, I.e. pst part of an image then invite other people to guess which bus it is. Any bus (or coach) that has seen revenue earning service in the mainland UK...