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    Porterbrook donate two HST Power Cars to the 125Group

    Richard Clinnick is reporting on Twitter that Porterbrook have decided to donate 43048 and 089 to the 125 group. Excellent news! From
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    Train Sim Liverpool-Manchester; Can it be fixed?

    Hello! I've had the Train Sim Liverpool to Manchester route for a while now, and I still use it relatively frequently. It does annoy me that there are a few things wrong with it though. The main things are the weird route taken between Lime Street and Mossley Hill (i.e. Up Slow- Down Slow...
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    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    GBRF have today confirmed that they are going to convert sixteen class 56 loco prices into class 69s (chortle) by fitting them with EMD 12-710 engines! Imagine if this had been published two days earlier!
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    First Metrolink M5000 reaches 1 million Kms

    Yesterday afternoon, 3006 became the first M5000 to reach 1,000,000kms. http:// It has completed 1.5 trips to the moon and back, 25 round the world trips and god knows how many trips to Bury and Altrincham. All in 9 years.
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    Merseyrail Class 777 mock-up pictures revealed.

    Some pictures of the new 777 mock-up have surfaced on Twitter. Have to say, it’s not quite as bad as I was expecting, but it looks very ‘light-rail’. I’m still not entirely convinced.
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    Lisbon to Seville by train. Possible?

    Hello! I’m looking at travelling between Lisbon and Seville later in the year. So far the only route I’ve found by train is a mammoth 8hr 30min journey that involves 4hrs 30 mins on a bus.... I’d rather avoid busses altogether, so it’s either fly or train. Can anybody advise what the best...
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    Northern 323s refurbishment and cascade

    Rumours circling that the 323s are now staying at Northern and will be joined by the WM fleet too....
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    Metrolink to be operated by Keolis Amey.

    It has just been announced that the new operators of Metrolink are to be Keolis Amey......
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    Sale of two DB Class 67s to Colas

    From WNXX via Facebook; Seems things at DB are potentially getting worse.....
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    Steam on the Met(rolink)

    It's being widely reported on other fora that last nights ballast replenishment train provided by the ELR was hauled by 75008 swiftsure. These trains are usually hauled by a class 03 or 08. Rare haulage indeed! (Not my photo, but an...
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    Planning international journey.

    hi guys, Planning to travel to wernigerode from the UK next year. Can anybody recommend a website that I can use to get a rough idea of prices and journey times? Cheers!
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    Virgin trains going the extra mile....

    I hope your not all averse to a little toilet humour.....
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    Sandhills IECC

    Hi, Does anybody have a full list of boxes that were abolished when Sandhills IECC opened? Cheers
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    rippled railhead

    Hello! Now to be honest, this I only something I've really noticed on metrolink, so mods please feel free to move this thread if necessary. In certain places on the system, the railhead has become "rippled". In other words there are small indentations across the top of the rail. Its quite...
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    Borismaster in manchester

    I'm no bus spotter, hate the things, however I do quite like the new bus for London, I like its futuristic looks. I was quite surprised to see one earlier today travelling clockwise on the M60 at besses o' th' barn at about 10 am this morning. Anybody know why it's oop north? I didn't get a...
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    whats better, cummins or perkins engined 158s?

    Hey. I was thinking whilst looking at a 158 at Manchester Vic before, whats better the cummins or the perkins 350hp engine? I'm thinking in terms of performance (should be pretty similar?) reliability etc. Personally I think the perkins sounds nicer. Cheers Rob
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    Tramway signalling systems

    Hi, Basically I was wondering what the UK's other tramways use for there signalling and control systems? I'm familiar with metrolinks TMS and VRS systems and I have spotted what looks to be a TMS control box in the cab of a Croydon tram found on t'interweb. However I can find no reference to...
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    Liverpool council to scrap bus lanes?

    Just heard on bbc news that Liverpool council are looking in to scrapping ALL of the cities bus lanes (possibly as early as next month) as they appear to be causing more congestion than they are worth. What are your thoughts on the matter? Personally I think this is a good move from t he...
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    508 123 refurbishment

    Hi, probably a bit of a long shot but does anybody have a picture of 508 123 whilst it was on display at Southport around February 2002? I distinctly remember that it was sitting in one of the non-electrified platforms and that just one carriage had been refurbed (albeit it was very...
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    semaphores between Crianlarich and Oban

    Hey guys. Just notices one of the semaphores in the Cruachan area was ON (I.e. red). I understand these are for rockslide protection? I presume there will be some disruption (ha!) tomorrow?? Cheers Rob P.s I've forgotten the official name for this system, I'd be grateful if anybody could...