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  1. eddygrim

    Newquay-man pic

    :idea::idea:Was the man pic-newquay today a hst???:idea::idea:
  2. eddygrim

    West midlands day ranger

    West Midlands Day Ranger A West Midlands Day Ranger ticket allows you unlimited travel by train in a day anywhere shown on this map below. You can travel on any of the following train operators' services within the validity area: London Midland, Northern, First Great Western, Arriva Trains...
  3. eddygrim

    Hst 29th may

    Hello i was planning to get a hst stoke-on-trent to stafford does anywhon no the times for the east coast set and does it run on saturdays? :)
  4. eddygrim


    hello i was wondering can you go crewe to derby then derby to london st pancras instead of london euston or crewe to york and then york to london kings cross i tried the internet but all i get r pdf files which my computer doesnt load??? can anybody help. :|
  5. eddygrim

    Fgw hst times?

    does anywhon know the times for the hereford-pad, pad-hereford on Mon-Fri, saturdays, sundays planning to do xc hst's to birmingham and then go hereford to get fgw hst to worcester :|
  6. eddygrim

    Xc hst times?

    can anybody give me times for hsts on mon-fri, saturdays and sundays on the new summer timetable planning to go stoke-birmingham on a xc hst
  7. eddygrim

    virgin class 90

    :!:yesterday (the 22nd) i saw a class 90 with old mk3 coaches in the old virgin livere with no dvt at the it was heading south towars crewe??? does anywhon now the timings :cry:
  8. eddygrim

    22nd may scenic settler

    Is anybody else going on the tour tommorow??? :|