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  1. djpontrack

    Northern 158756

    I’m currently on 158756 on 1B39 17:22 York to Blackpool North. The centre coach has 58712 on the outside but 58708 on the inside at both ends. Does anyone know if it is 58712 as it should be and the wrong stickers have been put inside or has 58708 been put in this unit and they have changed the...
  2. djpontrack

    Volks Electric Railway, Brighton.

    Hi, does anyone know the mileage of this line please? Preferably in miles and chains. Thanks.
  3. djpontrack

    Day return to Carnforth.

    I travel at least once a week from Morecambe to Carnforth. I often catch the 16:19 service. As the ticket office is closed then, I buy a ticket from the conductor. Recently they have charged £4.50 which is the Anytime dayreturn as they say it's now the evening peak. I was under the impression...
  4. djpontrack

    Bare Lane North Curve closed

    09/02/2016. Just to let anyone know if they are coming to Lancaster / Morecambe to do Bare Lane North Curve that nothing is using it at the moment. I caught the 16:05 Lancaster to Leeds today and it went to Morecambe and then back to Lancaster then to Carnforth and Leeds. The guard on the unit...
  5. djpontrack

    Tram and Light Rail Mileage

    I am trying to find the mileages of the British & Irish tram lines. I want to get the distances in miles and chains for all stops on the Blackpool Tramway, Croydon Tramlink, South Yorks Supertram, Tyne & Wear Metro and Dublin LUAS. Can anyone help? Thanks.