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  1. General Zod

    How long are TPE currently taking to process refunds?

    I had Advance paper tickets which were bought online and collected from a TVM. I applied for a refund today and as part of the refund process was asked to cut my ticket(s) in two and to email their refund department the photo as proof.
  2. General Zod

    Are Chiltern introducing Super Off Peak ( ZPR / ZPS ) tickets on certain local routes ?

    I can confirm that Chiltern have introduced Super Off Peak tickets. I purchased a Travelcard for £20 compared to a price of £25.60 for the Off Peak Day Travelcard Restriction code for their Super Off peak tickets is PV - Not valid on trains timed to arrive at London Marylebone or London...
  3. General Zod

    Storm Dennis disruption 15th & 16th

    There were serious problems and severe delays outside EDB on the ECML this afternoon and LNER told people to defer journeys till early tomorrow morning. They had earlier advised people travelling on Saturday or Sunday to defer journeys till Monday. A very messy situation indeed.
  4. General Zod

    Problems on the ECML 14/02

    An incident between Edinburgh and Dunbar led to the line being closed for almost 5 hours during the start of the rush hour. A very challenging situation for LNER especially as they prepare for the wet and windy weather tomorrow. There will be some very late trains arriving into Kings Cross...
  5. General Zod

    Validity of an LNER ticket on Scotrail if services cancelled.

    Funnily enough the High Chieftain from KGX was heavily delayed today and there was a passenger with a LNER EDB-INV Advance who was eventually allowed to use the next Scotrail. Took a lot of faffing around though !
  6. General Zod

    Validity of an LNER ticket on Scotrail if services cancelled.

    Would an LNER Advance from Kings Cross to Inverness be valid to travel on a later Scotrail service ( from EDB to INV ) if the former was cancelled ? I'm off to Inverness on Monday and due to the rain and wind the Highland Chieftain may not run. If the ECML is partially blocked I may have to...
  7. General Zod

    Problem buying ticket at Glasgow Central today

    Why are their staff doing this ? The Ticket is freely available on the Avanti website . The whole episode makes them look like a bunch of lemons. What are the chances of there being a restriction put in place in the very near future which prohibits a ' via Glasgow ' route on this ticket ?
  8. General Zod

    Are Chiltern introducing Super Off Peak ( ZPR / ZPS ) tickets on certain local routes ?

    Been looking at BR Fares and Super off Peak tickets ( ZPR ZPS Resctricion code PV) are being listed. The said tickets are not as yet available for sale online. When or if can we expect them to be on general sale ?
  9. General Zod

    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    What is the ticket pricing to Blackpool / Preston likely to be like ? Will they be undercutting Avanti WC on the Euston-Preston route ?
  10. General Zod

    Do you have the right to sit in your allocated seat without being forced to pay for an upgrade?

    Interesting thread. I booked a KGX-INV ticket from the LNER website a few weeks back and was not happy with the allocated seat as in was not 'window+table+in direction of travel' . The seat selector wouldn't allow me to change my seat so I phoned customer services to see if they could help. A...
  11. General Zod

    LNER New Fares Trial

    I guess as today is the first working day back after the Xmas break no-one has yet used the "LNER London-Edinburgh Cheapo" on an evening Avanti West Coast train out of Euston. Would be interesting to hear what reaction a passenger travelling on this ticket gets from Avanti gateline staff at...
  12. General Zod

    Route validity of this Scotrail Club 50 £17 Flat Fare ticket

    Happy New Year All ! I've been inspired by the Scotrail Club 50 £17 flat fare promo and wanted to query the legitimacy of the £17 ticket from Inverness to Dundee via Aberdeen. I think the most obvious route is via Aviemore and Perth but as the Aberdeen route is slightly longer perhaps the...
  13. General Zod

    No cheap Chiltern late evening Advances from Birmingham in February ?

    I've been looking at Chiltern Advances from Birmingham Moor St to High Wycombe / London for travel in February. Usually there are a plethora of cheap tickets for the last three Chiltern services out of Moor St but throughout Feb and the tail end of Jan one can only secure Advances for travel out...
  14. General Zod

    Special Offers Discussion

    Would anyone know if any TOCs will be forthcoming with some Black Friday offers ?
  15. General Zod

    Chiltern advance tickets

    I have managed to purchase Advances to the West Midlands for travel on 23rd Dec but nothing is available for returning on the 27th Dec. Will there be Advances released for the 27th or not ? I spoke to ticket staff at a local Chiltern station who said that if there were Advances for that date...
  16. General Zod

    Ticket refund : An odd request from TPE

    Indeed. I was hoping that someone could verify the phone number in my original post as being a genuine and authentic TPE contact.
  17. General Zod

    Ticket refund : An odd request from TPE

    I recently purchased a ticket the the TPE website but unfortunately was sent an 8 digit code for an E-ticket as opposed to a valid code to collect tickets from my local TVM. TPE customer services suggested I re-book the ticket and that they would refund the cost of my original ticket. After...
  18. General Zod

    From whom do I claim Delay Repay for this journey.

    The XC delay repay page asks for "Booking reference/ticket number/Smartcard number" . Will the 8 digit alphanumeric reference number I used to collect the tickets from the TVM at my local station suffice ?
  19. General Zod

    From whom do I claim Delay Repay for this journey.

    Yes DC2001, the train in question was the 1104 from Darlington.
  20. General Zod

    From whom do I claim Delay Repay for this journey.

    I recently undertook a journey which was 59.5 mins late into Birmingham New Street from Darlington. The ticket was bought on the TPE website so should I submit my claim to them or XC ? Also as the delay was 59.5 mins is it rounded up or down as that makes a big difference to the percentage of...