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    Should children go to their local school rather than there being a choice?

    My ex. used to teach in a 'good' school. if we'd still been living in the same city when our son was ready to go to school, she would have never have let him go there. She insisted (and I agreed with her) that he go to our local school which was one of the supposedly poorer performing schools...
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    Am I lucky with viruses?

    Apparently after I got German Measles (Rubella) for the 5th time (too young to remember), they worked out that it was actually an allergy to peniciilin.
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    Your Teenage Celebrity Crush

    Sarah Greene on Blue Peter
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    Commuting 60 miles: it should be cheaper by train than by car

    If commuter trains were all running carrying mainly fresh air, then we'd know they were too expensive. Comparing one person's journey against a whole system isn't particularly informative. For me, the train is cheaper because: a) I can sleep. b) fuel + car parking costs > cost of season ticket...
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    Britain’s relationship with the EU post Brexit.

    Personally, if the possibility exists at all (and it always does), then having recourse to a supra-national court is something I find reassuring. In my lifetime (>50 years), I feel that this possibility is now greater than it's ever been. This didn't start with COVID19, but the attempts by...
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    My Mum has been very open with everyone that she is DNR for the last decade since my Dad died. She also wants her body to go to medical research. It was difficult at first, but I'm glad we've had all these conversations about dying.
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    Sir Philip Rutnam's Resignation

    It certainly feels like we're seeing the most significant challenge to liberal democracy that I've seen in my lifetime. Fascism and communism were always practiced by 'other countries' and have slowly failed. We now have 'strong man' populism coming to the fore with the likes of Putin, Trump...
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    Jehovah's Witnesses out and about

    Dont' get JWs coming to the door that often but always enjoy the blether with them. To date, they've always thanked me for my time and after a few minutes politely explained that they have to move on. I treat the event like getting spam phone calls. If they're going to try and waste my time...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    If I'm going to London on business, it makes sense to make sure I'm going to get as much out of the day as possible. To do that, I need a reasonable night's sleep. The sleeper isn't a fantastic night's sleep but it does the job. Due to a booking error, I was once allocated a seat going to...
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    EU Referendum: The result and aftermath...

    Oh, the irony. I'm sat here in my wee rented flat debating with someone complaining about migrants overcrowding the country and putting pressure on resources when they own two properties separated by hundreds of miles.
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    EU Referendum: The result and aftermath...

    66.5 m people have the right to live and work in Cornwall. That's pure lunacy - better make Cornwall independent of the rest of the UK. 0.5 m people in Cornwall have the right to live and work in St Ives. That's pure lunacy - better make St Ives independent of the rest of Cornwall. ...
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    It's why I put the rail in square brackets. Whilst I know it is the Forth Bridge, I prefer clarity over ambiguity and to take into consideration that not everyone is starting from the same level of knowledge.
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    There's a walkway on both sides although I have a recollection that sometimes only one side is open. I'm also sure I heard that NR were looking in the possibility of walking tours of the Forth [Rail] Bridge too.
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    What is the untold truth about Magnetic Ticket Strip Failure – Error 09?

    My 2019 Season Ticket (bought on the 30 December 2018) lasted till August before it finally failed. The replacement worked till the 29 December 2019. I had my 2018 season ticket reprinted because the Ticket Inspector complained she could barely read it as the printing was so faded. I would't...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I have travelled on the lowlander to London since Avanti were in operation (first week IIRC). I was able to access the lounge at Euston that morning.
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    The 2019 General Election Result and Aftermath

    I must admit that I'd never heard of losers' consent until reading this thread. I've given it a 5 minute Google research and it would, to me, appear that there is both an onus not only on the losers but also on the winners! "Losing works in democracies around the globe, and the bargain at...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    First time in Club last night. Flawless journey on Lowlander from Edinburgh. I'm now on Euston concourse waiting for the Avanti lounge to open. Was middle of carriage and slept pretty much as well as I do in my own bed. Light from buttons didn't affect me, light levels low enough to be no...
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    Edinburgh but not Waverley

    Just had a shuftie at the NR Edinburgh Waverley Masterplan page. First Edinburgh Waverley, then just Waverley. I think that's how I refer to it. First usage in a conversation would be Edinburgh Waverley, thereafter referring to it as Waverley.
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    Devices, operating systems and web browsers apparently favoured by the over-70s

    It's odd how you get used to 'stuff'. 16-year-old son just bought himself a 'gaming' computer. Hard Drive came pre-partiioned C: and D: It's that moment when you have to try to explain drive naming when I can't for the life of me remember the last time I saw a computer with an A: and / or B...
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    Devices, operating systems and web browsers apparently favoured by the over-70s

    My 82 year old mum has a tablet. She mainly uses it for keeping in touch with family members on Facebook. I think the biggest challenge is change rather than keyboard or touchscreen etc. My Dad had the computer; mum didn't use it when he was alive and certainly not after he died so she wasn't...