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  1. satisnek

    Disused lines with cycle paths

    Stafford to Newport (Salop) is a good ride, although access to/from the respective town centres at each end of the route can best be described as 'obscure'.
  2. satisnek

    Best fish & chips near a station?

    Station Fish Bar, Derby The Chip Shop, Willington I'm currently missing those places sorely, because I am of course confined to Kidderminster, but at least Captain Cod's has reopened!
  3. satisnek

    Cycling vs. walking

    Walking is the equivalent of driving around in first gear all of the time. A bicycle is a transmission for the human body. :smile:
  4. satisnek

    Which stations should have a micropub?

    Birmingham Moor Street, definitely, because (a) it's just the kind of station which should have a real ale outlet and (b) there are no pubs in the immediate vicinity. As for the Victoria & Albert at Marylebone, the problem is that the people who run it assume that all customers want to watch TV...
  5. satisnek

    Most exhilarating station approach

    Not the station, just the wall at the end of the line.
  6. satisnek

    Most exhilarating station approach

    Well, specific arrivals on 2 April 1977, 21 January 1989 and 1 March 1990 would have been quite exhilarating, if a little scary :D
  7. satisnek

    John Farrow of UK Railtours dies of Covid-19

    Oh boy, this has stirred up some old memories which had me delving into my shambolic collection of Kodachrome. I went on Hertfordshire Railtours' '125 Special no. 64' (information courtesy of Six Bells Junction; I probably still have the brochure but that will take a lot more digging) which ran...
  8. satisnek

    Railway books you wish someone would write/publish

    Been waiting 20 years or more for Alan Williams to write a sequel to Not The Age Of The Train...
  9. satisnek

    Easter engineering work, Birmingham - Derby.

    The crossover at Elford is still in situ as far as I know, but presumably padlocked out of use?
  10. satisnek

    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    My technique is to cycle to the supermarket (downhill, so not much pedalling required) and push the bike back home with the carrier bags hanging from the handlebars. Not suitable for longer distances or family-quantity shopping, I know. I have a trailer for heavier loads (up to 30kg) but it's a...
  11. satisnek

    Earth bonding on hand rails.

    I can remember standing at one of the platform ends at Glasgow Central in the late 1980s, by a metal railing where one platform face finished before the other. This railing was slightly loose and wobbly, and touching it I could feel a fairly strong tingle. Things were rather more lax back then...
  12. satisnek

    Trivia - Alternative Station Names

    I can remember my father mentioning 'Eusless' when I was a kid.
  13. satisnek

    Uncomfortable trains of old

    I get the impression that Third Class seating on pre-Mk1 stock was often nothing special. Certainly the GWR compartment coaches on the Severn Valley aren't particularly great - the seats themselves are quite nice and squashy but the backs are bolt-upright and rock hard!
  14. satisnek

    Kidderminster Station Re-build

    End of March, I've heard.
  15. satisnek

    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    Inevitable, but a shame nevertheless. Did the line three times, firstly on a service train and then two railtours. All a very long time ago now.
  16. satisnek

    Kidderminster Station Re-build

    Don't forget that hardly anybody used trains in the 1970s (by today's standards). The previous building at Kidderminster was perfectly adequate at the time it was built, when there was just an hourly all-stations service to Birmingham and three or four trains a day to Worcester.
  17. satisnek

    Most exhilarating station approach

    I always used to enjoy arriving at Lincoln, from the west, on a Saturday, passing over the High Street level crossing with all the traffic and throngs of shoppers waiting to cross. It made you feel like royalty! Today the road has been pedestrianised and there's an adjacent footbridge - and...
  18. satisnek

    Kidderminster Station Re-build

    They're still scratching away at it - it looks like the interior fitout is taking place but the roof hasn't been completed yet??
  19. satisnek

    Standees on heritage railways

    Typically the Autumn gala, 1100ish departure from Kidderminster on Saturday with the 'star' visiting loco up front. Now that's wedged!!
  20. satisnek

    Weather Disruption caused by storm Ciara (February 9th, 10th and 11th)

    Well what an experience it has been today! The primary source of disruption for me has not been the weather, nor bus or train operators, but a random individual. Firstly, let me describe my normal Sunday journey from the marina back to Kidderminster. I catch the 1445 bus (V3, departing Derby...