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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Support/advice

    A conundrum we all face is when it could be reasonable to have bus and train trips again. Most hospitality including leisure centres is not due to open up until early July. The trends in hospital admissions and death point to these potentially becoming negligible by mid-June and late-June...
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Support/advice

    I'm sleeping less at night, or more specifically in the mornings as it gets light early. Then more often than not I find I need a late morning or afternoon snooze, especially if I have walked to any of the main supermarkets, over 1/2 hour each way. I find this easier than 1 long chunk of say 16...
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    Long term social distancing: Impact on public life & public transport?

    Politicians could be taking too much notice of Chris Whitty. Once more hospitality opens, provisionally on July 4th, off-peak travel at least ought to beome more liberated.
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    Ticket types likely to die off soon

    Thank you for mentioning this. It is certainly cheaper for over 55s than a Lancashire Day Ranger for example.
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    Long term social distancing: Impact on public life & public transport?

    This idea that people can drive to places but non-drivers are not supposed to use public transport creates a glaring anomaly whereby car owners are treated to mobility but non car owners are not. At least once leisure and hospitality reopens, currently suggested for July, it should be morally...
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    Long term social distancing: Impact on public life & public transport?

    In Paris they have or had requirements for people to prove travel essential in peak hours, for example by having their contract of employment with them, but freedom to travel off-peak. This is a good balance.
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    Uxbridge English Dictionary

    Catastrophe - What a puss pays to drive a Vauxhall car
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    Uxbridge English Dictionary

    Lunatic - a second on a clock on the moon
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    Uxbridge English Dictionary

    Bearcage - the number of years since the birth of an idiot
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    Florian Schneider, Founding Member Of Kraftwerk Dies Aged 73

    I liked Autobahn and Pocket Calculator but was not keen on The Model.
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    Night time ear plugs for snoring

    I sometimes use Boots Mufflex Wax earplugs. I am better at sleeping through some sound than going to sleep with such noise in the background.
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    I am content with my laptop, simple pay as you go mobile and my landline. I so rarely hope I could look something up away from home that I feel no need to get a smartphone. As it also gets on my nerves that young people in particular often cannot have a conversation without looking at their...
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    Which trains are likely to be withdrawn more quickly now due to the coronavirus situation?

    On a similar note, ScotRail are not using the unrefurbished 125s as they have sufficient refurbished examples for the reduced levels of service on those lines. So, this is painting the picture of them already being all refurbished.
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    Purchasing tickets during COVID-19 pandemic

    I was willing to get an e-ticket for a journey just after Christmas. I thought an email would classify as the e-ticket. I have a laptop but no I-phone. I was therefore shocked to find that I needed to download an app to my phone! I phoned the TOC and asked if they could change it to a fast...
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    A National Government for the Coronavirus crisis and its aftermath?

    Other parties, especially Labour, will not want to be tarred with the same brush as the Conservatives. Anyone who feels the Conservatives have been ineffective in some ways will be more willing to vote for a party who was not part of any "national" government. Labour and other parties know...
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    COVID 19 - Brexit Implications

    Indeed, many people whether Remainers or Leavers probably just want Coronavirus contained and reasonable relations with Europe. For many non-political people the term "transition period" means little anyway.
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    Imagine if all of this had happened in 1980?

    Maybe smoking would have been temporarily banned just during the Corona outbreak. (I say temporarily as smoking is of course now banned anyway).
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    Imagine if all of this had happened in 1980?

    Good idea on the whole, just not for the frail or maybe the elderly either.
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    Is there any point running train services on some lines at present

    Cheaper to run taxis maybe, but then there would have been the matter of proximity between taxi drivers and passengers.
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    Imagine if all of this had happened in 1980?

    In London Routemasters were still in frontline service, and regular withdrawals had not even started. This would have caused problems with proximity between the conductor and passengers, and in the absence of a conductor no member of staff to for example ring the bell to alert the driver to...