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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    The queue for the tills might appear longer but that's because there is a 2 meter gap between customers. Fewer tills are open, although screens have been installed in many supermarkets now allowing more tills to open, but numbers inside the store are being restricted which helps to reduce the...
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    You queue outside the supermarket, not inside.
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    This is correct, although generally things are getting back to normal opening hours now.
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    Of course banking fraud was unheard of until online banking came along. I think not.
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    Medium term rail timetable

    The 'branch' line from Hitchin to Cambridge is already at capacity so I don't think it's an option to run more trains to Cambridge. If you run fewer trains from London to Edinburgh how do you deal with journeys like Durham to Newcastle, Doncaster to York, Darlington to Newcastle, Peterborough...
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    My opinion: children are safer if they are attending school

    Yes, economics are going to come into play at some point. When the parents have to go to work to maintain the roof over their heads then the kids will have to go to school.
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    Remote working preferences (in the longer term)

    Working in offices is not going to completely disappear. You can maintain relationships remotely but you cannot form them remotely. I think the traditional 5 days a week commute will go down to an average or 2-3 days a week for many. What I do think will happen as well is an increase in long...
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    Is it time to relax the 2m social distancing guideline? (WHO guidance is 1m)

    Said coffee cart pitch is probably now a franchised Starbucks or Costa within the revamped station building. Instead of paying £100 a week for the pitch the franchisee will probably be paying 10 times that, plus a fee to Starbucks or Costs for the franchise. They won't be able to buy their...
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    My opinion: children are safer if they are attending school

    I think it's important for children to return to school but I can't help but think we've got the strategy a bit wrong. I'm a school Governor at a Primary School and a huge amount of work is going into making sure that the school is a safe environment for when children return. It won't be...
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    Is it time to relax the 2m social distancing guideline? (WHO guidance is 1m)

    True but I be the individual franchisees aren't making £millions once they've paid their franchise fee, city centre rent etc.
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    Is it time to relax the 2m social distancing guideline? (WHO guidance is 1m)

    We can argue over the timing of the lockdown but the Government had to time it carefully to get maximum effect, thinking that people would go stir crazy and start to break it after a short period. It seems to me that the lockdown has actually been more effective than anticipated and we now have...
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    Hypothetical: rail companies not accepting cash

    That's a bit before my time but it is amazing to think of how transactional banking has changed. Towns would have 1 or 2 cash machines, that didn't even operate 24 hours a day. I remember when we went on holiday my dad having to make special arrangements with the bank to be able to withdraw...
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    on peak/off peak, ticket overcharging

    I think it would be best for you to communicate via private conversation with one of the moderators about your case and how appropriate or not it is to discuss it on the forum. While we would never want personal or highly sensitive information (e.g. anything that could identify an individual...
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    Hypothetical: rail companies not accepting cash

    I've never, ever heard of this on personal accounts. I've maintained personal current accounts for over 30 years and there has never been a limit on the number or value of transactions.
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    Need to travel from Bicester to Aberdeen

    I'd travel via London and go from Kings Cross. Trainsplit currently selling Bicester North - Aberdeen dep. 10:00 arrive Aberdeen 19:42 for £126.29 via Marylbone, Kings Cross and Edinburgh. When are you returning as a return ticket might work out cheaper overall?
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    Advice for a first time traveller

    We really need to know the journey you're making to advise best. For example a journey from somewhere like Enfield Chase to Twickenham will be different to a journey from Norwich to Bath.
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    Do West Midlands trains operate regular LNR services via Weedon?

    A 350 at 110mph on the fast line via Weedon appears to go like the clappers!
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    The one way system in the large Tesco in Stevenage (must have been set up properly as that's where they filmed their TV advert) is a but of a nightmare. When I went shopping there customers were not following the one way system at all. The aisles are generally wide enough that a one way system...
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    Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) penalty fare appeal success

    NRE can imply all it likes but contractually tickets cannot be restricted by brand, only by Train Operating Company or by geographic restriction.
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    Stevenage platform 5

    P5 should have come into use yesterday (17th May). Sadly delayed for a few weeks by the virus but it'll be worth the wait.