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    Am I lucky with viruses?

    I don't think the work should be 'lucky'. Fortunate would be the more appropriate word. I have never seemingly succumbed to a virus. Maybe a mild virus with the occasional bout of three day flu. I've never had a flu jab ever. Honestly. Though for most of my working life over the last forty...
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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    This could turn out to be an excellent thread: Most Interesting: Junctions. Some might find this weird, but ever since I was a child, I have always found junctions fascinating. Travelling over a junction and seeing the line we are not travelling over disappear to some other place. I think it is...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    Another station to avoid if possible is Plymouth. It's well overdue for an up-grade especially on the platforms. Changing at Plymouth if you are heading to or from Cornwall is not a pleasant experience. The waiting rooms are seriously out of date and there is nothing on the platforms for a...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    I am old enough and too long in the tooth to be aware of the diffference.
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    Trump’s obsession with hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19

    Captain Trump of the Titanic: There isn't any iceberg. There was an iceberg but it's in a totally different ocean. The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon. There is an iceberg but we didn't hit the iceberg. We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly. The...
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    Forum Jokes

    An oldie but a goodie. A man went to the bar. He's having a good time, having some drinks, all is well. As the night goes on, he keeps drinking and ends up throwing up all over his suit. "Christ my wife's going to kill me! She's going to know I stayed out all night and got drunk! She told me...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    My worst experience was Chinley. During my coverage of all UK passenger rail lines I took the line from Manchester Piccadilly via New Mills Central to Chinley, with the expectation of a 15 minute wait for the chance to cover the line from Chinley to Stockport. It was a cold windy and showery...
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    Trivia: Most impressing stretch of line on the network?

    To impress rather than be scenic, then Mr Brunel's Great Western Railway. No doubt about it. Second to impress would be the Settle-Carlisle line. Both of the above are impressive feats of engineering and construction
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    Lineside fly tipping

    During my last visit back to the UK I was disappointed to see lots of rubbish to the east of St Austell. Not just the North, Midlands and London.
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Any journey home is exhilarating for me. The end of a very long journey that has taken at the very least two days of travel. Truro always raises my spirits. The wonderful view of the city and the cathedral is uplifting. The ride into St Erth from Hayle with the glimpse of St Ives and the Hayle...
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    Energy costs of a journey

    Sorry but I have to totally disagree. The combustion of fossil fuels gives of Heat Energy - that heat energy goes into the atmosphere. Look at the law of the conservation of energy. If you believe that heat energy passing into the atmosphere and climate change is not the same, then the earth is...
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    Energy costs of a journey

    I'd be more interested in the about of heat energy it takes to produce the diesel and is burned off by a train. The heat energy that goes off into the atmosphere; and compare it to the heat energy it takes to produce the electricity to power a train and the heat energy that the electric train...
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    Beeching - Any other Countries suffer the same?

    I was just wondering if any other countries had their Beeching moment when they had a large portion of their rail network pruned? If they did to what degree was it cut and have these nations also regretted the cuts and are they trying to re-establish some of the lines cut.
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    Route/Track bashing in the dark can you really tick it off?

    It must be a real bore during mid-winter travelling over a new line and the sun is down by 16:30 - 17:00 and you haven't completed the line.
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    Route/Track bashing in the dark can you really tick it off?

    Mid to late 1970's travelling Paddington to Penzance seated as I was too poor to pay for a sleeper berth. Sunday night departure - midsummer. Expecting to travel Reading - Taunton. I woke up when the train came to a shuddering halt, looked out the window - Oxford! Suddenly wondering if I was on...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Got to look for some positives out of a disaster. 1M16 actually left Inverness +4 but made it up to Slochd -7. Not bad. It passed Carstairs East Jcn at +206 and made it to Rugby North Jcn at +176! Though at 09:40 in the morning I most probably would be wide awake at that time wondering what...
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    TRIVIA: Practices that are peculiar to the UK

    Baku still has the Hackney cabs. They are the only licenced cabs in Baku and are metered as well.
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    Favourite (Non Train) Youtube Channels

    Here are 3 (4) that are non - train but also non technical. Periodic Videos - Chemistry of the Elements from Nottingham University. Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff Talks about the elements and some other chemicals including Viagra, and shows experiments that sometimes go wrong or spectacularly...
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    Are Portsmouth & Guildford cities?

    Aberdeen to Penzance which stops at 15 cities. Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, York, Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham. Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and Truro.
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    (TRIVIA) Most indirect through train

    Not when there is a direct service from New Street to either Edinburgh or Glasgow every hour by whoever took over from Virgin. OK, run the XC's to Newcastle but whats the point of sending all these passengers so far out their way to get from the south and south west to Scotland? Privatisation...