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    Unelectrified transfer lines in London (Private Eye)

    The connection between the East London Line and the North London Line isn't electrified
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    Bangkok Airport Express extension with new trains

    Maybe they will be getting some Class 230's.....
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    Station Suffixes

    Greenhithe (for Bluewater)
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    Glasgow Subway stations

    I am hoping that when the system goes UTO, it's opening hours can be extended. The Copenhagen Metro is a brilliant example of a UTO system.
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    Northern flash sale- 10p advance tickets

    I'm sure a lot of people will buy tickets then not bother to travel. Southern trains did the same sale a few years ago.
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    Poland: Poznań

    Really nice pictures!
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    How to easily compare TfL and TOC fare prices outside London zones?

    Does this help?
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    Funding Approved for New Bermondsey Station and extra ELL services

    I think they should do 2tph to Battersea Park all day if people want to go to Clapham Junction it's on the adjacent platform.
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    T&W Metro Unit 4005

    This woman who works for the metro seems to be a shifty looking sort in plimsolls..... But that's the comprehensive system for you......
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    SWR train makes rather steamy announcement

    Did the passengers not know if they were coming or going?
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    GWR - appalling new TVM design

    You could cover the screen with both hands or a sheet of paper
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    Hidden Gems (stations , viaducts etc)

    I love Hebden Bridge station, also enjoying the view from Mytholmroyd station.
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    GN Class 717

    Are any planned to operate tomorrow?
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    TM "Late Running Train" Announcements

    Tannoy is the brand name, I think you mean public address system.
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    Bruges vs Gent

    I love Gent, I'd recommend Hotel Gravensteen for a moderately priced central hotel.
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    Is the rear first class no longer declassified on Sutton Loop, I went in to charge my phone and told by a member of staff this is the first class only section
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    Is the rear first class still declassified on the Rainham to Luton services?
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    I'm guessing that the rear first class will no longer be declassified on all routes when they bring in the new timetable.