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    Braking issue on Caledonian Sleeper causes train to "run away" at Edinburgh

    Slight correction, Cromptons [class 33/1] although push/pull were not EP brake fitted. You just had to use the Westinghouse [ep off] position driving from a unit, apart from that fully compatible.
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    Should TfL scrap free travel for Over 60

    all extra concessions are paid for by council tax paid by the people in the area covered by the extra concession so a local thing with only a small amount off overlap to adjoining councils ??
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    What's the distinction between different types of multiple units powered by diesel fuel?

    'Thumper' DEMUs are pretty basic; they have 110v starting batteries and separate lighting batteries, main generator supplies, traction power and heat The auxiliary generator supplies field exciting 'battery charging and air compressor. The compressor won't run unless the engine is running, so...
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    why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple?

    the current index loading limit was 16 any more you cut out motors a class 73=8units a rep =14 or may be the full 16 cant remember also you could have 2xmlv[motor luggage vans ] rather than an mlv and tlv[trailer luggage van] and a 12 on a boat train and not exceed the 16 limit all other...
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    Southern query

    The original service when it started in the 90s was Brighton to Rugby with 319s over the years it was contracted a bit.
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    1st gen DMUs and DEMUs

    73/0 extra high level demu jumpers as well as electric jumpers blue star low level lower overall power 73/1 27 way high level emu jumper only blue star low level .
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    1st gen DMUs and DEMUs

    The alteration to 1111 was specifically with altering all DEMUs to be compatible with electric stock in mind. In actual fact as a one off it was left as DEMU compatible rather than EMU compatible; apparently it would take perhaps a day or a few days to convert from DEMU or EMU jumpers, with...
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    French government restricts nicotine patches due to rumors that it prevents Coronavirus

    Perhaps it's that damage caused to a specific part of the lungs [hair follicles for example] means that Covid-19 finds it harder to get established??
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    Imagine if all of this had happened in 1980?

    China was very much a closed country in the 80s with little human travel in or out and with far far less goods and far less reliance on their output for the production of western goods, plus little or no offering of services as there was no internet.
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    Did anyone ever catch a XC service from Kensington Olympia?

    as far as i know the thumper before we worked it in the morning with a dmmu would be a Waterloo driver i assume they chose a dmmu as fewer and fewer drivers and services on the south western where operated by thumpers [demus] so route and traction knowledge would be diminishing and...
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    Did anyone ever catch a XC service from Kensington Olympia?

    We worked the morning DMU Kenny Bell from Redhill Depot, sometimes out from Selhurst depot and sometimes out of Clapham yard. We also worked about two thirds the Cross Country services which went from East Croydon to Reading or Oxford and return; with Reading-based drivers taking the rest...
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    Your favourite hybrid / combos / unusual mixed formations

    I don't know if it was that winter, but I had a Crompton and an 8EPB relived it at the Quarry tunnel at 6am while en-route to Victoria, but it only reached East Croydon. We then ran round and headed for Horsham calling at all stations. Running in to crawley the few people that were there ran...
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    In years gone by, when they where a unit short for a 10 car service, they would use a "Nelson" unit, usually a 4COR but not unknown to borrow a BUF or GRI from the Southwestern side. The refurbished Bell is now '63 stock compatible, so can work on the 'juice' with '51 Stock (EPBs and HAPs), '57...
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    Why are there no single or two-car EMUs?

    MLV single vehicle 500hp should be faster than a 1000hp 4 car vep Brighton to London fast? Nope; a miserable 75-80mph at a push, compared to a VEP where 90+mph at 2 or 3 points Why? Because the MLV has a cam shaft, so every time you lose power it takes 10-15 seconds to get back to full power...
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    TOO YOUNG to be a Driver?

    I was one of the first sub-23 year old drivers; I was a secondman at Redhill. I was 22 in 1976 when they dropped the age to 21, which allowed me to get my job at Coulsdon North. The railway actually tried to pull a flanker by passing us through the old shorter about 7 weeks training system...
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    I don't know about bells originally I think 32 or 33 stock but SUBs designated as 36 stock had 4 bulbs in series x2 in the cab. They were 40w bulbs with 2 circuits in a zig zag pattern in the headcode, with a further bulb in the cab to make the full circuit. In other words you had 6x40w bulbs...
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    Savings accounts

    whilst it is 5% it’s an effective rate of around half that at 2.5%, as the average amount in the account is half the final months amount
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    Sussex Scot & Virgin Trains from Paddington

    we worked several off the brighton over the years when i was at redhill [pre 1994] from croydon to reading or oxford and visa versa interwoven with reading drivers covered them' all via old oak clapham jct non stop over the years we worked something like 0345 oxford [ex manchester about 2140]to...
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    Drunk depot driver sentenced

    Yes indeed that was the case until about 92/93, when random drug and drink tests were introduced. Before that, drinking was part of the culture as part of the norm; indeed if they wanted to sack you for poor attendance or a reason that was difficult to prove, they could simply catch you...
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    Class 08 vs Class 20 for shunting duties

    I will give it a go. 08:- Low low geared so heavy trains easy to move but at perhaps walking pace you run out of acceleration. But it is fuel efficient and has easy vision. 20:- Awkward to shunt with but better if heavy longer runs above walking pace. Having said that it's assumptions with...