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  1. KendalKing

    First South West and Wales discussion

    33693, 33695-33696 are at Stoke.
  2. KendalKing

    Lowest capacity service bus?

    There were horrible buses to drive.
  3. KendalKing

    Go Cornwall Bus

    Having worked for Go-Ahead London, these routes could have PVR from 8-Buses to 22-Buses. Which is still a lot of drivers, to be found and route trained.
  4. KendalKing

    Catch 22 Bus Ltd

    Philip Higgs was a Driver at Blackpool Transport, at the same time that I was a Driver at Fylde Transport.
  5. KendalKing

    Are your buses good value?

    NO. Where I live, if I want to go into town it takes the bus 45-mins and cost £6.80 return, whereas the train takes 10-mins and cost only £2.40 return.
  6. KendalKing

    First Kernow

    I have 32955 at TN, 33031 at BW, 33052 scrapped in 2018, 33125 & 33127 at PZ
  7. KendalKing

    First Group: Edinburgh Bus Tours

    The recently acquired open-Top Enviro 400's are 33891 (LK08 NVN), 33892 (LK08 NVO), 33893 (LK08 NVP), 33894 (LK58 CNF) and 33519 (LK08 FND).
  8. KendalKing

    Go Cornwall Bus

    True, but there still plenty of space for them to turn on the industrial estate, with-out going to FK's depot.
  9. KendalKing

    First Kernow

    Wasn't that, destroyed by fire last year.
  10. KendalKing

    Stagecoach NW fleet changes

    Emergency Timetables, as from Monday 23rd March. Most services are having the frequency halved, with some Schools/Colleges services being temporary withdrawn. All Lancaster Town Services 7, 10, 11, 18 will be hourly. The Summer services in the Lakes, will remain on the Winter timetables.
  11. KendalKing

    GoNorth West

    It be interesting to see, where the Enviro 400's, and the Optare's get numbered.
  12. KendalKing

    GoNorth West

    Upto now it appears to be 32xx ex First Volvo B9TL's 40xx Enviro 200's 60xx ex First StreetLite's 6101-> ex First Volvo B7RLE's 6151-> ex Plymouth Citybus Volvo B7RLE's 9xxx Ancillary fleet
  13. KendalKing

    GoNorth West

    Here is a list of vehicles, so far re-numbered:- 37367 now 3217 37368 now 3218 37369 now 3219 37370 now 3220 37374 now 3224 63155 now 6010 63156 now 6001 69325 now 6101 69326 now 6102 69327 now 6103 69328 now 9003 = Trainer 69420 now 6104
  14. KendalKing

    Stagecoach NW fleet changes

    There are a number of services revisions due to take place in Lancaster & Morecambe area, on 20 April. The following services are being re-timed to improve reliability 2X, 5, 6, 6A, 7, 10, 11, 18, 40, 41, 42, 100. Service 55 will no longer run to Warton or the Kellets, with all journeys...
  15. KendalKing

    First Kernow

    That was originally First 33588.
  16. KendalKing

    First Kernow

    I share your concerns Richard, some years ago Stagecoach had problems with children from Lakes School in the Lakes, climbing from the top deck of an open-top into the trees.
  17. KendalKing

    First Greater Glasgow

    47392 is LJ13 GKK 47393 is LJ13 GKL 47394 is LJ13 GKN 47395 is LJ13 GKU 47396 is LJ13 GKV 47397 is LJ13 GKX 47398 is LJ13 GKY 47399 is LJ13 GKZ
  18. KendalKing

    First West Yorkshire & York discussion

    nine of Citario's are due to move to Aberdeen.
  19. KendalKing

    Have any of Arriva's buses ever ended up in the hands of Stagecoach or First?

    The only three that I am aware of are:- Plaxton Paramount bodied Leyland Tiger, 20000 (WJI 5239, ex A155 EPA), which had previously operated for Arriva The Shires TPL55. Open-Top Leyland Titan, 30083 (UJN 335V, ex 70 CLT, originally CUL 69V), that operated for Arriva London T69. Enviro 200...
  20. KendalKing

    Modern buses that have missed preservation

    The Plaxton Primo, springs to mind.