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    Ayr - Mauchline / Killoch freight line

    Looking reasonably busy this weekend
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    Class 156 Largs services

    Do guards at any of Central, Ayr, Girvan or Stranraer still sign Troon - Kilwinning- Paisley- Glasgow now the service trains run via Kilmarnock? I can see an empty 156 in the new timetable but no other obvious route retainers are...
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    Train sheds at both, manned for a large chunk of the day, left luggage facilities (IIRC). Stations with 10 times the traffic don’t have those sorts of things
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    Wick & Thurso are fairly grand for places literally at the end of a very long trek through miles of nothing.
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    why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple?

    I’m sure I read elsewhere that with BSI coupled units, so basically anything diesel between a Pacer and a Turbostar, there’s a max number of cabs that can be in the formation, I think it’s 8. As a result you can tie 4x153s together, but potentially 12x170s
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    Trains with hinged doors

    Slam door 158 anyone?
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    Your first experience of foreign train travel

    2002, The Coast Starlight, Los Angeles to Oakland Jack London Square then the connecting coach from there to San Francisco. Upper deck of a Superliner watching the California countryside change from the scorched ground in the south to the wine country in the north via smoke & pathing stops at...
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    Class 321 first class

    They were fully declassified but otherwise unchanged when they were first converted to 320/4s for ScotRail. It always made for a comfortable journey if you were at the right end when one came in. Unfortunately they’ve now been fitted with some spectacularly cramped standard class seating :(
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    Could go 18 minutes up the line to Hartlepool then Grand Central (in normal times, obviously)
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    Lowest capacity service bus?

    For current vehicles this is pushing it a bit, but NCP have some Sprinters at Edinburgh airport with destination screens, power doors and very few seats due to the large luggage racks. Don’t have ticket machines as far as I’m aware though. In terms of things that do, the various accessible...
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    Unelectrified transfer lines in London (Private Eye)

    Does Coatbridge have a shunter? I thought pretty much everything there was electric locos
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    AIUI it has, but there’s a low aqueduct under a canal that causes a bit of a problem. Given the trains, in normal times, largely carry fresh air, it’s going to be difficult to justify outside of an event like the 2016 Queen Street closure.
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    Which pubs should have a microstation?

    Glasgow City Union Line could basically be lined with them. There’s loads of pubs built into the viaducts from Gallowgate down to Eglinton Street. Would need to look at Google Maps to find them all & some are currently empty.
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    Price of Oil hits $0 and at times -$40 Good news for bus companies?

    Also the larger operators with depot bunkers have probably ordered fuel for delivery months into the future but are burning hardly any just now. The tanks in the depots (both bus & rail) are going to be getting pretty full. If anyone’s benefiting, it’s probably the smaller operators that refuel...
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    New bus schemes, have they learnt from FTR?

    In Las Vegas, the Wright Streetcars are or were used for a fast, limited stop, service up the strip (SDX) - ticketing is off bus (might be a vending machine on board) and they carry security guards on board. The stopping service is Enviro 500s (The Deuce) that only carry a driver. It seems to...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Seems to be a recurring problem with that one (Ladybank farce)
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    Any Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) information displays left?

    Thanks, so presumably these will go when the 315s disappear and/or Crossrail opens?
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    Any Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) information displays left?

    Whereabouts? All the ones in Strathclyde were replaced with portrait aligned colour LCDs a good few years ago with some stations gaining additional cameras and screens. The ones in Ayrshire have since been decommissioned after the 380s with onboard CCTV arrived and the last of the 318s moved on
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    What's the fastest a failed HST has ever been dragged?

    I know FGW/GWR have, on occasion, used an extra pair of power cars coupled to the front of a failed set (so 3 power cars on the front, one on the back), presumably that setup can manage normal line speed? Also, what sort of pace could a GNER/NXEC set manage with a 67 on the front?
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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    I don’t think so. IIRC, there were a couple of through services from Glasgow that were 318s, everything else was 90s. Sunday might have been diesel & diesel units were still substituting on occasions up to recently. I think the 150s left around the time the Turbostars started turning up in the...