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  1. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Any more planned deliveries of 777's imminent?
  2. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Must have been granted special permission.
  3. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    So leaving Crewe at the designated time then? Just that I can be sure if I see it going past St Helens Junction.
  4. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    So it will stay at Crewe for the time being I take it?
  5. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    It appears to have gone past Stafford
  6. DJH1971

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Just need it to be also from Manchester to Huddersfield and from Leeds to York as well.
  7. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Any news on when it will reach the UK?
  8. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    They are noted on Wikipedia as being dual voltage, but do they have a pantograph fitted? Not quite made anything out in the pictures.
  9. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Good to see. Don't understand why 777001 and 777002 have not yet arrived here.
  10. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Any idea of which 777 it will be?
  11. DJH1971

    Season ticket refund

    Anyone know what the situation is regarding 'multi modal' season tickets, such as Merseytravel as compared to Northern?
  12. DJH1971

    TransPennine Express Nova 1 (Class 802) Diagrams

    Is the 802 service from Manchester Victoria to Liverpool that calls at Lea Green at 0646 a part-time service or something? It ran yesterday, but was not even listed on the departure boards this morning and also not listed for running tomorrow.
  13. DJH1971

    Northern Trains new franchise.

    There is no denying this was necessary.
  14. DJH1971

    Future Of Caledonian Sleeper Class 86s/87

    I think they were removed during 1992, along with the 86/4's & 86/6's.
  15. DJH1971

    Future Of Caledonian Sleeper Class 86s/87

    Get any pictures?
  16. DJH1971

    Unreserved seats on Avanti

    And their website still doesn't give you the option to change your seat even if there are other seats free, yet third party websites do.
  17. DJH1971

    New Trains delivered in 2020

    Any more 777's coming our way soon?
  18. DJH1971

    Merseyrail Class 777

    Any news on other 777's arriving?
  19. DJH1971

    Avanti West Coast Pendolino rebranding

    Are Avanti West Coast leaving the vast bulk of Pendolinos in unbranded white or something? 2 months on and there still only appears to be 2 of them in the new livery.
  20. DJH1971

    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    Thought the 90's were often referred as Skodas?