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    Urgent TOPS Requests what is the real headcode for this please, loco number 66109 was hauling it.
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Need some unit numbers from Wednesday and Thursday please 1E20 EDB - KGX (21/5/20) 1P32 NCL - LIV (21/5/20) 1E18 EDB - KGX (21/5/20) 1S43 BRI - EDB (20/5/20)
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Unit numbers for the following please
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    TRIVIA: companies/services named after birds or animals

    Go North East Black Cats 5465 / NK17 GHV by kieron mathews, on Flickr Go North East has their Black Cats services which operate in and around Sunderland.
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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    Go North East 638 / NK12 HCE by kieron mathews, on Flickr This has since been discontinued in favour of service 30 which passes through without terminating there, the M6 only goes as far as Stanley now
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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    Preston Bus 20780 / PN57 NFG by kieron mathews, on Flickr Was having a look through my photos and found this one
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    Stagecoach Rebrand on the cards?

    Stagecoach 11501 / SN69 ZRG by kieron mathews, on Flickr Here is Stagecoach in Newcastle 11501 in a version of the new livery I took on Tuesday afternoon, this is a one off mosaic livery for this bus only.
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    Class 43 LNER Farewell Railtour Dec 2019

    253 003 (43206) by kieron mathews, on Flickr 254 029 (43312) by kieron mathews, on Flickr heres mine from Newcastle today
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Had my first ride on an Azuma to York on Saturday morning and the first thing i noticed was that the seats are rubbish, rode back to Newcastle on one of the 91s which was much more comfortable
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Does anyone know what time 43238 will be in York today ? Also anyone know what will be on 1S25 from York this evening 18:35 departure
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    Name: Kieron Age: 33 Lives: Prudhoe Transport Interests: railways, buses Nearest station: Prudhoe Other interests: Gaming, photography
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    [TRIVIA] Longest Dead Runs

    Go North East’s X21 service which operates from Chester-Le-Street depot has dead mileage from the depot to the starting point in Bishop Auckland and is 20 miles away
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    Furthest relocated depot

    Go North East moved out of Stanley Depot earlier this year to a new one in Consett which is 12 miles away
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    Great Australian Railway Journeys

    Michael Portillo's new 6 part series is starting next Saturday on BBC 2 at 8pm.
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    Demonstrator Buses

    Arriva OP02 ARE by kieron mathews, on Flickr Arriva PELICAN by kieron mathews, on Flickr Arriva North East recently had these on loan based at their Jesmond depot
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    Demonstrator Buses

    Go North East MC1 / YJ19 HUV by kieron mathews, on Flickr Go North East 9071 / BU55 EVM by kieron mathews, on Flickr Go North East 9076 / YX19 OWA by kieron mathews, on Flickr Go North East currently have these 3 buses on loan
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    Wrightbus enter administration

    Won’t be good news for Go North East if they go under as they have a big order of Streetdecks which are supposed to be delivered within the next month or two
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    Great Model Railway Challenge 2 - Channel 5

    New series starts next Friday at 8pm on Channel 5
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    Weather related disruption 10/08

    This is the road to Prudhoe Station, this happened repeatedly over the weekend and was drained by the fire brigade a few times
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    Buses that change number or say its connection guaranteed but same vehicle.

    Go North East do this with the X9/X10 to eliminate the need for tachographs X9 displays Peterlee for Middlesbrough X10 displays Dalton Park for Middlesbrough The same goes for the return journey back to Newcastle.