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    Grand central 180’s in Lincoln.

    I saw 2 Grand Central’s 180 passing through Lincoln at 16:55 and 17:12 respectivelytoday, the 1655 going towards Saxilby direction and 1712 one passing in another direction. There is also an Azuma at 1714 going towards Saxilby direction. I want to know is there an diversion on East coast...
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    Highest point on Swiss transport network without paying extra

    Not the highest one, but the cable car and train from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren is worth a ride. It is quite beautiful. And someone mentioned the schilthorn , it is included in swisspass and the bond museum is worth a visit.
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    Northern class 158+153 coaches out of Lincoln

    Thanks, Northern is giving out a lot of surprise recently!
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    Northern class 158+153 coaches out of Lincoln

    i just saw a minute ago 12:20 a Northern class 158 is coupled with a class 153 in GWR colours heading out of Lincoln. I want to know the coach number of that 153, its gone so quick and I just can’t see the number. Thanks in advance
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    Scotrail liveried 158 in lincoln

    I just saw a minute ago a scotrail liveried 158 in heading out of Lincoln. The time is 1735 , I want to query what no is that unit?
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    Child seen lying over edge of Trowbridge railway platform

    Yes, it is Very dangerous. The signal at the back is showing green, which means the train is on its way and will be there very soon. The child can be easily killed.
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    LNER Livery

    I know LNER livery is now based on red, but I still think they should paint one set of Class 800 in blue. Reason is this year is Mallard 80th birthday and it set up the speed record for steam at July that year. Mallard represent the highest technology at that time and class 800 represent the...
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    LNER Livery

    I know the chances are slim, but how about the blue GNER livery use on the 800s. just change the words GNER to LNER . I think blue quite matches this type of train. The southeastern 395 in blue did look quite smart. I did think blue will quite match the 800s
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    Northern rail Sheffield - Lincoln diagrams

    I noticed in the past 2-3 weeks there are no pacers on this route and it is replaced with 150, 156 and 158s. I wonder where the pacers are displaced and originally what lines do those 150 and 158 works on. Times I noticed: 11/06/18 19:22 class 150 (to Leeds?/ PIDS display Leeds but I think it...
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    Trespassers mindset and ways to change that.

    In this forum I knew that almost everyone is strongly against trespassing, also network rail, BTP and TOCs did got adverts to educate people, nevertheless there are some people still trespass. I believe some ideas which may change that. Why people trespass First- They want to save time...
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    [trivia] Examples of heritage railways connected to the National Rail network at more than one end?

    Are there any Main lines/Branch line connected by a heritage rail in between, either sharing a station or not? What I mean is you will not doubling back at the heritage rail.
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    Films you've seen/film discussion

    For me, the most harrowing movie I ever watched is The boy in stripped Pajamas. War is tragic and the loss of innocent young souls shocked me so much. Despite that similar events (different in scales) did happen elsewhere in the world... What's yours?
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    First colour light Aspect in Great Britain

    Where and when is the first colour light aspect signal in Great Britain? I mean the 2,3 or 4 aspect signals. I assume colour light aspect comes along with track circuit so I may wish to know also where and when is the first operational track circuit in Britain.
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    Earphone policies for Train Drivers

    I spotted a freight train driver using earphone while driving. I wondered is this allowed in this industry or not? If caught what will happen to the driver?
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    BVE, is it still alive?

    Thank you for creating such good routes and trains. I love simulation games and I highly appreciate developers hard work. Thanks leezer3!
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    Thank you for creating those bve routes and trains. Your effort is highly appreciated! I...

    Thank you for creating those bve routes and trains. Your effort is highly appreciated! I enjoyed them so much!
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    Train Driver training in East Midlands Trains

    This is an article from Derby Telegraph, showing Train Driver's training. Managing a HST train running at 125 mph with hundreds of passengers is a huge responsibility. Thank you for keeping the country working.
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Christmas and boxing day just passed, Looking forward to New Year! Wish everyone safe and happy!
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    Double-deck trains

    I don't think this is a good design ( pseudo Double Deck). I think change the seats to the minimum (side by side) and increase the door each side to 5 doors are better. I think reducing dwell time and increase the frequency of service is the way to improve communing service. However I have to...