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    Grand Central in Leeds at 08:10

    I believe it would have been this one: It used to run from Hebden Bridge but now just runs from Halifax. Northern tweeted about this in December: "Timetables are...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I believe all stations on the Calder Valley line including Hebden Bridge were extended to accept 5x 23m trains. I saw a 5-carriage 195 arrive from the line at Manchester Victoria earlier this week and all 5 carriages were in use. I have seen a 6-carriage 195 a couple of times on the line...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    And the 06.17 Leeds to Manchester Victoria cancelled due to a problem with the traction equipment. The following train (06.21 Leeds to Southport) turned up as a two coach pacer and has predictably left people behind at Smithy Bridge.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Day 2 on the Calder Valley hasn't started well. 0539 Leeds - Chester Delayed by 35 minutes at Bradford Interchange (a problem changing ends again?), and was a 2 coach 195 so standing room only by Hebden Bridge. I left it to go and waited for the next service. 0621 Leeds to Manchester cancelled...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Interesting, thanks for the figures. I was in the coach with the wheelchair space and toilet which had plenty of standing room but not loads of seats. When I get the chance I'll try to walk right down a three coach train to get a better idea of the layout. Personally I liked it. My main...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Good to see these trains arrive in the Calder Valley. 2M02 0617 Leeds to Manchester Victoria was operated by 195110 this morning. I thought it was a nice improvement. I heard a few complaints about the harsh lighting and fewer seats - the diagram was previously a 2 coach 158 + a 1 coach 153...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    I saw 1E25 at Manchester Victoria half an hour ago. Looked and sounded fantastic!
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    142005 has been sat for the last few days at the back of Newton Heath Depot with the "I'm retiring today" livery clearly visible from trains going past on the Calder Valley line. Will be interesting to see when it moves, and to where.
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    I commute from the Calder Valley to Salford on the through service which goes to Southport, and on a couple of occasions over the last few years we had a 158 from Leeds first thing in the morning. Both times the train terminated in the bay platform at Manchester Victoria and we had to transfer...
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    Were some people looking for news of 142001? I had it this morning on 1J03 Leeds to Southport (0621 departure from Leeds). As far as I know this diagram stays on the same route all day. It would be good to have this unit saved for preservation, although it has the original seats it has had...
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    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    On the subject of 150209, I've seen it fairly recently in its unrefurbished toiletless state, coupled to a 153 on one of the Rochdale - Clitheroe via Manchester services. Anyone know if it's still the plan to leave both carriages toilet free, split them up and insert into 150/1 units to make...
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    Calder Valley line improvement works

    For anyone interested, they are finally fixing the Leeds-bound platform at Moston station which was damaged by a freight train in 2015. A digger on site today working on the embankment. I presume this comes under the platform extension work, restoring it to its original length. Apart from...
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    Driver took a wrong route

    Was it this train (2K51 0708 Buckshaw Parkway to Manchester Piccadilly)? If so I'm guessing it drove back to Salford Crescent and tried again. There are a lot of trains going through Salford Crescent these days, both platforms...
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    Operational incident between Newport and Hereford - 15/02/19

    Picture on twitter. Hope all staff and passengers are ok.
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    As I passed through Salford Central at about 7.55 this morning there was a 319 pulling out towards Victoria. I think it was this one (2J41 0634 Blackpool North to Manchester Victoria). Very exciting to see.
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    142019 and 142020 running as a pair on Southport to Leeds this afternoon. This clears Northern 142 haulage for me. Thanks to all who are contributing to this thread and good luck to those still chasing the last few.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Thanks! Looks like it made it ok.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    When I went past Newton Heath this morning 195001 had both headlights and interior lights switched on so I presume they're looking at it. But it was still in the same spot it's been in for the last few weeks.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Two coach 195 sat outside at Newton Heath this morning. Didn't manage to see the number I'm afraid.