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    Kells Transport Museum, Ireland

    Does anybody know what the current status of this collection is? Website hosting has lapsed and there were rumours that it was all going to get cleared out for scrap.
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    A book that guides you on all/different buses?

    Used to be a Bus and Coach Recognition book published which gave a decent rundown of all the types found in current revenue earning service. But not sure if there’s been any editions in the past decade
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    Route Branding

    Future of branding has got to be some sort of TV panel type arrangement on the sides with content that changes to match whatever’s on the destination screen, suitably ruggedised of course.
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    ENCTS and ‘split ticketing’ just before 0930

    You’d think this would be a business opportunity for TB to exploit and promote. Get a modest fare pre 0930, get a concession payment post 0930, spread the pass holder demand a bit, and maybe grow the market rather than lose customers to other modes. On the other hand I guess there’s the risk of...
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    Modern buses that have missed preservation

    Wasn’t there a Hispano artic as well?
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    UK Bus Manufacturer News & Discussion (ADL, Optare, Wright etc)

    Nowt to stop Volvo from teaming up with ADL again.
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    Stagecoach West/South West/South Wales - Fleet News & Discussion

    why on Earth not? Color of the vehicles is immaterial. You could equally have Red route, etc
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    FirstGroup: Restructuring and Survival.

    Share price is currently not bad relative to most of last five years. Compared to fifteen years it’s dreadful
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    FirstGroup: Restructuring and Survival.

    Does anybody have any insight into whether the assets of firstbus are actually greater than the debts, including the pension liabilitys?
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    Halton Transport

    Unfair to tar all councils with the same brush when it comes to how competent they would be at owning and running a bus company. but, this has been handled really badly. I feel sorry for the people of Widnes
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    Unknown bus Y27MDC

    These dvla select registrations are daft aren’t they, to 99.999% of the population that now looks like a 19 year old bus instead of a 14 year old one.
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    Preserved buses which have since disappeared from the scene

    I remember hearing the story of WFS300K, a lovely preserved Edin Corp Atlantean which mid nineties was in beautiful cosmetic order, only to end up just about derelict in Lancs after a stint back in service as a school bus. Not sure whether it was ever rescued as owner was another of those If I...
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    First Kernow

    Go Ahead are pretty good at setting up new operations lately, they’ve done remarkably well in both Manchester and Ireland
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    Modern buses that have missed preservation

    What happened to the Kirn Mogul?
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    Wrightbus to offer full range of Hydrogen Buses (including Artics) from 2021...

    Hydrogen is in effect still at prototype stage as far as buses are concerned. Infrastructure relating to the fuel is massively expensive and so are the vehicles, no way is it going to be close to commercially viable any time soon. How many diesel buses registerd in Europe, to give the electric...
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    West Lothian buses

    Worked presumably from Deans which is the nearest depot. Unlikely to contribute anything to the company’s profits
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    Battery buses on London Route 358

    Infrastructure for gas production and refuelling seems to be the deal breaker for hydrogen as a road fuel any time soon. But on paper it’s a better solution than any form of battery electric
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    First Kernow

    There’s no way it’s not going to be First winning the contract. Surely?!
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    New Buses to Replaced Tired Solos

    Working pretty well in Guernsey apparently. With Wrightbus having been through the mill I’d imagine they’d be very keen to get more orders for these
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    Tree Lopping

    That’s terrible, the kerb line should be positioned so that it’s not possible to drive a tall vehicle under a thick overhanging branch. Rather than rely on signage