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    Short lived railways that were built post war

    Many thanks for this. I've walked the Trans-Pennine Trail from Southport to Sefton Lane in Maghull, where the official route deviates from the old S&CLE formation, and you can unofficially walk a bit more of it in Maghull, getting back on it once past the Sefton Lane industrial estate, as far...
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    I think Tiverton Parkway is on the site of the old Sampford Peverell, not Tiverton Junction.
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    Nothing was said explicitly about intermediate stations between Clitheroe and Hellifield. Gisburn and Chatburn are the only villages where stations might be reopened. Gisburn is reasonably convenient down the lane by the livestock market, but Chatburn is a bit awkwardly situated for the...
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    Shearings' parent company enter administration

    All this makes me even more grateful that I have got £3012 of other people's money back in cash for a holiday at Llandrindod Wells I was organising with Alfa Travel of Euxton. The refunds have been paid just over a month after our intended departure date. Still waiting for nearly another £5000...
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    Two recent threads on stations reduced to halts and stations with excursion platforms made me wonder how many stations can be said to have been too big for their traffic. One very near me, Southport Lord Street, only had 19 arrivals per day in 1910, yet had 4 full-length platforms and a...
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    The UIC had rules for the numbering of tables in official timetable books, but BR never adopted them. I found them so useful on a holiday in Germany that I beguiled the time in the departure lounge of Düsseldorf airport working out how these rules would apply to the BR all-line volume. In fact...
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    Stations with excursion platforms

    If I'm not mistaken there were 10 platforms in the old trainshed at Southport and 2 or3 excursion platforms further out, as you say. Platforms 7-10 were closed in the 1970s when the station was rebuilt as the rather cheapskate structure it is now; 8-10 are under the station car park, but you...
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    Apparently the LNW route via Central Wales was a recognised route from London to Swansea, at the same fare as the GWR. I recall reading an article by T.R. Perkins, the archetypal gricer who travelled the whole network when it was at its greatest extent. He described returning from Swansea to...
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    By "major town" I was thinking of anywhere with a population of 50,000 or more; and including places without a direct service from London; circuitousness as excess of rail distance over straight line.
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    I was wondering which sizeable town has the least direct rail route from London. I thought of Cheltenham, Gloucester, Hereford and maybe some of the big towns in the Pennines. If I'm not mistaken the shortest route from London to Cheltenham was via High Wycombe, Oxford, Kingham and...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    At the peak of the railway system the largest towns without a station were said to be Ambleside, Clun (Shropshire) and Painswick (Gloucestershire). I'm not sure if the steamer pier at Ambleside was considered a station in the same sense as Dartmouth, but I think not; I suppose the test would...
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    British Railway Passenger Network Map 1977

    I can't tell from the photo if Northampton-Market Harborough is shown or not, but I recall travelling over that section on an overnight train from Euston, using an LM regional rover, as a student in about 1969. This was the only passenger train to use the line by then, but as it didn't stop at...
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    What were "chainboys and slipper lads"?

    A census of railway employees for March 1923 classifies them by grade. With one exception it's obvious what these grades did, but I'm baffled by the grade "chainboys and slipper lads". Can anyone help? Whatever they did, there were only 25 of them in 1923. Google gives another reference from...
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    Largest Station reduced to almost a 1 platform Halt

    I think St Enoch beats it in overall size, but not by your criterion of number of platforms. In 1921 Blackpool Central had 14 platforms with 8,888 feet of total platform length and covered 10 acres; Glasgow St Enoch and Nottingham Victoria were bigger in acreage (13.5 and 12.75 respectively)...
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    The railways number of employees at its height

    That's interesting to me, as I have the Railway Year Book for 1921, and it doesn't give figures for total employees as far as I can see. Must have been a useful new feature introduced in the 1922 edition. A Ministry of Transport census for the week ending 25 March 1922, classified by grades...
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    Where is the busiest single line section on the network?

    Thanks for this; for some reason I missed this when searching, evidently didn't frame my search precisely enough.
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    Where is the busiest single line section on the network?

    Back in 2012 there was a thread, now closed, on single lines that should be doubled. None of the posters gave any details that would allow you to identify which single line carried the most traffic. Does anyone have the answer to this question, expressed either in terms of train movements or...
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    Railway books you wish someone would write/publish

    No, Veenendaal's book which in Dutch had a title that meant "The Iron Road in a Country Full of Water", was translated into English and published by Stanford U.P. in 2001 as Railways of the Netherlands 1834-1994.
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    People tell me I should buy a smartphone so I can call in an emergency when I go walking, but they forget that in many upland areas there is no signal (yes, I know the 3 words app works in those conditions). I've worked at home since about 1980, so that the phone and fax were ringing all day...
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    Chester - Liverpool Merseyrail Services

    Are you sure about the ENCTS pass? My Merseytravel pass takes me to Chester and Ormskirk so presumably also to Ellesmere Port. Or are you referring to Cheshire residents? Presumably they get a bus-only pass. I was once told that in some CH postcodes, you get a pass valid in both England and...