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    Delay Repay sent to wrong TOC

    Hello everyone, I sent a Delay Repay claim which related to a cancelled LNER train to LNER who have told me that I sent it to the wrong TOC as my ticket was only valid on GA or Thameslink and Great Northern and not on their service, it was a London to Thetford via Cambridge ticket. I got a GA...
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    Routing question

    Is it automatically the case that tickets valid to travel via a particular station will automatically be valid on any permitted route between that station and the destination? An example is a Wymondham to London Terminals (via Cambridge) ticket. Permitted routes from Wymondham to Cambridge...
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    Greater Anglia guard did not sell requested excess

    Yesterday I boarded a GA train from Wymondham to Norwich using the return portion of a Wymondham to London Terminals (via Cambridge) ticket. I asked the guard for the change of route excess for only that leg but he said that he could only sell me the excess for both legs. I asked for a single to...
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    Do any DCO services have Guards?

    Is it possible for a train to be worked as Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) with a guard onboard who can deal with emergency situations, customer service and revenue duties? Or is a guard onboard a DCO service not known as a guard given that they don't dispatch the train.
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    Alternatives to "Not Gatwick Express" tickets to/from Gatwick Airport to/from "London Terminals"

    I would like to know if there are any alternatives to purchasing a "Not Gatwick Express" ticket to/from "London Terminals" apart from an "Any Permitted" ticket which costs an arm and a leg. My plan is to travel on a GTR service other than a Gatwick Express service. I don't want to use London...
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    Bylaw 13 Warning Letter

    I have been given a warning letter from [REDACTED] based at Norwich railway station by BTP officers whilst they were on routine foot patrol at that station. This is the text of the letter: A copy of Railway Bylaw 13 and part of Bylaw 25 (1) which highlights the definition of an "authorised...
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    What do you think of Great Yarmouth?

    Hello people, what do you think of Great Yarmouth? Is it a dump or a nice place to visit? Please feel free to voice your opinions below whether you are at one of these extremes or somewhere in the middle.
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    Beggar on London Underground

    When travelling on London Underground a while back I've seen a few occasions when beggars have walked from carriage to carriage via the "Emergency use only" doors. What should I do in this situation? Would waiting until the next station and pulling the alarm lever be reasonable in the...
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    Station overrun procedure

    Why is it that the emergency brake is used if a train is in danger of overrunning a station platform? In my opinion it should be a full service brake application as there is no risk to safety of the line.
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    Anglia Plus - Bus validity in Norwich

    I have heard of the Anglia Plus ticket sold by Greater Anglia, from their website it is valid on any First Bus service in Norwich. However this is ambiguous. Does anyone know if this literally means the city of Norwich or does it mean the First Group Norwich fare zone? Copies of the First Group...
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    London Terminals to Finsbury Park

    Would a London Terminals to Finsbury Park return be able to get you from Kings Cross to St Pancras International via Finsbury Park by travelling from Kings Cross to Finsbury Park and then from Finsbury Park to St Pancras using Great Northern and Thameslink services (operated by GTR)?
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    Greater Anglia "Pay train" stations

    Hello I would like to know what a Greater Anglia "Pay train" station means please? I have enclosed a leaflet which gives you the context of that term. I personally would interpret to mean that it is a station where you may buy your ticket onboard if travelling on a Greater Anglia train service.
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    Return ticket - outward and return portions

    I plan to purchase a return ticket to make a journey from the origin station to a destination which is beyond the validity of the outward portion of the ticket but within the validity of the return portion of the ticket. I also plan to resume my journey at that point and continue back to the...
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    Wymondham to St Pancras International - Via Stratford International

    Is it possible to excess a Wymondham to London Terminals (Via Cambridge) return ticket to be valid to/from St Pancras International on one of its legs via Stratford International on a HS1 train? Or is the best way of doing it to excess that portion of the ticket to the Via Norwich route and buy...
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    Wymondham station - Faulty TVM

    Yesterday I booked and paid for two (disabled persons railcard) off-peak return tickets from Wymondham to London Terminals via Cambridge with LNER for travel on the 22.01.2019 for myself and my mother. I have visited Wymondham station today and attempted to collect these tickets from the TVM...
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    Is a more expensive routed ticket always valid via a cheaper route?

    Am right in saying that travelling on a less expensive route is always valid on a ticket for a more expensive route?
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    Wymondham to London Terminals via Peterborough

    I am considering travelling from Wymondham to London via Peterborough. I have checked whether a through ticket is available but it isn't. I noticed that there is a fare from Norwich to Stevenage and from Wymondham to Peterborough. From either of those stations a fare to London Terminals is...
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    Not allowed to volunteer on the Mid Norfolk Railway

    I signed up to a membership a while ago with the Mid Norfolk Railway in the hope of volunteering with them only to find that they wouldn't let me. I renewed multiple times until recently they rejected my application. Am I right in saying that their "membership" is beyond a joke and best avoided...
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    Asking for multiple emergency services when dialing 999

    A caller reports an emergency requiring multiple emergency services by dialing 999. They explain this to the operator. How do they know which control room to connect the call to first before either they relay the details onto the other services or pass the caller back to the operator so that...
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    Poor customer service on Greater Anglia

    About 18 months ago I had the displeasure of GA failing to provide any rail replacement transport from Wymondham station (which is unstaffed) to get me to either Cambridge or Norwich for a journey to London Liverpool Street. To add insult to injury my ticket was even booked and paid for in...