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    Is "Recovery Time" an unfair waste of a passenger's lifetime?

    On one at least one occasion at New Street, the service from Scotland (XX10 departure) was about 15-20m late, so the stock that would have been used to form the XX30 to Euston (which arrives at 45 past so could cope with a 25m turnaround) instead became the XX10 with the Scotland running in the...
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    An on board announcement on Avanti yesterday requested that we only use window seats, so that could be a part of it.
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    As for Avanti, London - NW/W Midlands is one thing, but as is always raised when compulsory reservations comes up, what about the Coventry corridor, what about Wigan to Warrington, etc. - granted, circumstances have certainly changed.
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    Fair point - my comment was based on my vague prior that Avanti is basically the same company with the same people, all the way up to the MD. Very much an assumption though and I think you're right that they have yet to take a position like Virgin did. That said, I'll see your FirstGroup and...
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    Separately, on an Avanti Pendolino today there was a message on the door displays that coach C was for staff only.
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    Good spot! I wonder how that'll be managed. They've been wanting to go that route for a while, haven't they - if true, I wonder if they'll ever change back if/when social distancing ends and normality resumes? If substantiated, probably worthy of a new thread..
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    Railcard Expiry

    Thanks for prompting me to realise that mine had expired! It's been a month and a half and it didn't occur to me once.
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    Southern Platforms Length Information 2020

    As above, platform lengths should be in the sectional appendix archives - see link below: You'll want the one for Kent/Sussex/Wessex, but there's a lot in there so might take...
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    Southern query

    It's not new, it's been running for years. But for your information, they're typically 2x377/2 formations (8 cars). Not running in full in the current Covid timetable, just between Watford and Clapham, when they usually run Milton Keynes to East Croydon.
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    I'm pretty sure trains departing Coventry platform 2 routed for Kenilworth get a 'B'. Does anyone know what it stands for?
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    Occasions where TOCs and FOCS regularly cover others work

    There are a few daily Southeastern ECS paths between Tonbridge/Redhill and London Bridge, which I assume is how they do it.
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    Train announcements with a sense of humour

    On a LM/LNR (I lose track of when it was) crossing up slow to up fast at Ledburn Jn with multiple people standing, the conductor advised customers of the upcoming turn and invited them to hold onto those around them - once on the fast, he asked people to let go of their new acquaintances. It's...
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    Can't speak for the status at the end of the day but someone from the shop came through this morning taking orders.
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    First South West and Wales discussion

    Pretty sure it's just that the 1 and the 2 come under the same registration.
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    Price drop of Severn Beach line fares

    It's already slightly been alluded to but the railcard single was 75p single, £1 return (so 50% discount) for quite a while. Haven't been able to find any bookings before 2017 so I would guess 2016 was when the change occurred.
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    TRIVIA - Routes where it's difficult to catch a train stopping at every station

    Taking it to mean difficult to catch a train calling at all stations, the Coventry - Birmingham corridor has just two up and one down services a day that do all stops.
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    Birmingham NS to Paris advice needed please. Never done Paris.

    As per the above post, I'd definitely look at the seat 61 website, lots of great information. Interrail probably shouldn't be your starting point for a fairly simply out-and-back trip quite far in advance, not least when you factor in reservation fees of roughly £60 return on the Eurostar, but...
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    Unreserved seats on Avanti

    Coach F used to be unreserved rather than C. I seem to remember reading on here that the change was to allow more seats to be reserved/sold, but that could well be wrong. It was nicer to have the two standard unreserved coaches on an 11-car (i.e. F and U) next to each other.
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    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Coventry has been Avanti'd.