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  1. JohnMcL7

    68005 in Inverness

    Hopefully it's ok to post this here, 68005 is up in Inverness and I think this is the RTT link for it: I'm wondering if anyone knows why it's up here and when it's likely to be leaving? Thanks for any information.
  2. JohnMcL7

    Class 08 vs Class 20 for shunting duties

    I was watching a video about the Scunthorpe steelworks following the pair of class 20's as they carry out various shunting tasks around the site. Not really knowing much about this sort of thing I was wondering why they'd choose class 20's over class 08's for shunting duties given the class...
  3. JohnMcL7

    Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh RA rating?

    The Royal Scotman has arrived today hauled by a 66 and was surprised to see it was off to the Kyle of Lochalsh tomorrow as I thought it was too heavy, this page shows it as an RA5 and 66's not permitted: Is this page incorrect? I see it...
  4. JohnMcL7

    What would be a suitable consist for 37025 and 47834?

    As I live in Inverness I bought a model of 37025 and thinking of buying some coaches to go with it just as a static model. I noticed Bachmann have a set with the viewing car which I like the idea of but it's in the green livery rather than the blue livery. Which coaches would this locomotive...
  5. JohnMcL7

    Trying to identify a couple of Inverness freight services

    I'm not sure if I should be asking in the TOPS thread or separately, I'm not looking for the exact locomotives but just wondering what these two services are likely to be:
  6. JohnMcL7

    Diesel driving experiences, any recommendations?

    I'm not sure which is the best forum section to ask this question but this seems the most suitable one. I've noticed a few sites offering diesel driving experiences and was wondering if anyone had actually tried one or could recommend one? I would love to have a shot of something like a 37 or...
  7. JohnMcL7

    Favourite Locomotive names?

    Following on from the discussion on naming the new Scotrail HST's and the variety of different suggestions, I was curious what are people's favourite names on existing locos. I've never been keen on naming them after people as it just doesn't seem to fit a large roaring diesel engine even...