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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    I’ve just been watching the ‘Blue Pullman’ BTF film. Can anyone identify the junction and/or box at around 20:45 in? Are all the lines gone now? The whole scene is so evocative of England and its railways in that era. Not a lineside tree to be seen!
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    Sunday Cumbria Coast Service group ED02 May 2018

    I have looked through the Eighth Supplemental Agreement concerning the above but am not really any the wiser. How many trains are proposed going North and South from/to Millom in total? I can only make out an unbalanced 3/6. Surely this is a small number considering the staffing implications of...
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    Nairn across Britain on iPlayer (2)

    This is really a bump of a thread from 2015 but that thread has been sealed so, just in case anyone has missed these two rail-centric films ...... There are some rail based films on iPlayer at most times but Nairn across Britain on iPlayer covers the Settle & Carlisle facing closure in early...
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    C in train reporting numbers

    I have been looking through RTT for my area (S.Cumbria) and find that most movements are xCxx type. I have searched for the meaning of C but it doesn't appear on any sources such as here or Winkipeed. Is it new, (Cumbria perhaps)? Many thanks
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    Network Rail reviewing use of steel sleepers

    I have been waiting for someone to pick up on this line from the RAIB report on the Gloucester derailment. This was caused in part by (so I understand) the difficulty of packing under the hollow sleepers in order to re-establish top without recourse to stone blowers I would have thought that...
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    Network Rail Pensions

    Moderators please move/scrap this if not appropriate. Loved one has just been offered a job. Now has to decide on which NR pension option to choose. Any views from any NR employees out there. PM me if you wish.
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    Two trains same platform same time?

    Quickie question here .... My daughter rang me to help confirm that her 15:44 train from Oxenholme to Birmingham on Wed 9th April was correctly give as cheap rate and also to query the two trains leaving platform one at the same time. One is marked as direct and the other via Wolverhampton. I...
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    Latest signaller aptitude tests

    Anyone out there had any experience of the latest signaller selection process, especially the 'lift tone' test? Also, is Leeds still the venue of the signalling school? Cheers.
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    Scottish Coal

    Does the possible shutting down of these Scottish coal fields have a knock on effect on any rail flows?
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    Splitting Journeys - Carnforth to Leeds via Bentham

    I look through this forum most days and never cease to be amazed by the complexity of railway ticketing. When I can afford it, I love to travel from my home town (Ulverston) to Leeds along the Carnforth/Bentham/Skipton line. I've long been aware that keying in Ulv-Leeds on train time sites...