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  1. duesselmartin

    Austria to Italy rail services suspended

    Hi everyone. Apparantly all Italy to Austria rail services are suspended after a passenger was suspected to suffer from the corona virus. I could not yet find an English language article. Hope the Austrian one will suffice for the time being. Martin...
  2. duesselmartin

    Nice Video Irish Rail 2600

    Hi all, this Febuary IÉ's 2600 class DMU fleet is 25 years old. It was the first DMU operation in the Republic of Ireland for decades. Gerry Conwy made a nice short film showing the delivery at Dublin Port in Febuary 1994. Enjoy. Martin
  3. duesselmartin

    ?booking GWR for a journey after Dec. 8th?

    Hi all, I am located in Germany and planning a journey to the UK around the new year. The GWR site mentiones on the one hand that its possible to book three months in advance, but not journeys after Dec. 8th. Does anyone know when booking for the period after that date becomes available? Thank...
  4. duesselmartin

    Old Monaco station?

    Hi all. As I will be in Monte Carlo soon, I wonder If the old station still exists. Just seen the old San Remo station, so much better as the new. I am hoping to find rail remains in Monaco Monte Carlo. Cheers. Martin
  5. duesselmartin

    France/Italy Ticket Advice

    Hello all. I have booked Nice St. Augustin to Alassio over the SNCF site. The tickets arrived in the post today being split at Ventimiglia, changing trains there. Specific times are printed in the ticket. It also states IC befode the train number. The timetable suggests however a regional...
  6. duesselmartin

    Safety Video on Eurostar

    Hi all, I just had the pleasure of seeing the saftey video in the E320 set. Beside evacuation it also showed how to leave a train at the station. How did we manage almost 200 years without? Is common sense out of fashion? Is our safety culture out of control? What is your opinion? Martin
  7. duesselmartin

    Waterloo International: Originally intended to be permanent or not?

    Hello all. Was Waterloo International conceived as a permanent Eurostar home when build? The Low hight between train and shed suggedsu no as it does not seem to have the hight for a 25kv wire. On the other hand the architectual effort suggests yes. Also the 10 years of non service does not...
  8. duesselmartin

    Limerick Junction Layout?

    Hi. I am looking for the current layout of Limerick Junction. Google searches only gives me the pre- 2007 situation. Is the former platform 2/3 usuable at full lenght or only the northern part of the platform? Thanks and happy St. P.'s Martin
  9. duesselmartin

    Austria rail accident

    Two trains collided near Graz. A regional service anderen EC 216 to Saarbrücken involved. 3 dead. German link
  10. duesselmartin

    Shut down for Xmas?

    First, Merry Christmas to all! I am always amazed that the UK and Ireland almost shuts down their railways for Christmas. Do any other countries do do that? Ho Ho Ho from Martin visiting Oxford!
  11. duesselmartin

    CrossCountry circa 1992: Southampton - Oxford - Birmingham?

    Hi all. What stock did the Intercity services from around Southampton direction Birmingham via Oxford use around 1992. Did all stop and reverse at Reading? Thanks Martin
  12. duesselmartin

    End of airberlin, a chance for DB?

    As Germany's second air carrier will cease trading today, I wonder how much is that a chance for national rail carriers. Are plane passengers prepared to switch to slower rail or would they rather pay more as air capacity consolidates and competition decreases? Are there any example from the...
  13. duesselmartin

    Corsica Carta Zoom?

    Hello, I posess a Carta Zoom ticket for Corsica. Apparantly it is suppose to be valid for 7 days, yet the date on it suggests 8 days. 12.9 to 19.9. Is it valid all day on the 19th or does it expire at the time I bought it? Seat 61 does not have an answer to that detail. Thanks Martin
  14. duesselmartin

    Corsica Cab Ride?

    Does anybody know if Corsican cab ride videos are available? Its such a beautiful system, I am amazed not beeing able to find anything. Martin
  15. duesselmartin

    Guided buses on the Underground / Stadtbahn?

    Hello all, I found this video of guided ( track ) buses travelling through underground / tram tunnels in Essen / Germany I have never seen anything like it. Did / do other similar systems exist? Thanks. Martin
  16. duesselmartin

    France: upper Moselle line?

    I just noticed that the line from Apach (Moselle) to Thionville has now got only to pairs of passenger trains on weekends and nothing weekdays. I remember the line beiing electrified and double track. Is freight still significant? Is a total closure imminent? I assume freight trains for Germany...
  17. duesselmartin

    Border control at Flensburg (DK/D)?

    I just experienced German border control at Flensburg coming from Denmark. Is that common? I assumed German checks would be further south were refugees are likely to enter, but in the very north? The very low ridership in this service also surprised ne. A dozen passengers at most, and only...
  18. duesselmartin

    Lack of comfort of new trains?

    Travelling Bielefeld to Dresden I was annoyed about the lack of comfort of the new IC2 trains. Hard first class seats, lack of luggage space. My question, is that Europe wide? Are the new trains really less cosy or ist it nostalgia or my old age of 42 being less tolerant? Martin
  19. duesselmartin

    Train Crash in Luxembourg

    German media are reporting a train collision in or near Bettenbourg between an empty passenger and a freight train. One driver killed, services to France disrupted...
  20. duesselmartin

    New Ross Ireland ?

    Does anybody know Howe the line from New Ross station continued to Wexford? A direct bridge beyond the station seems unlikely due to the hill. A sharp turn left along the Barrow?