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    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    What I find interesting is because of the delays from December 19/January 20 to July 20 for service entry, this means all this work has been for trains that will work for EMR for all of five months before they are withdrawn. Is that such a worthy investment or should the ex EMT (admittedly less...

    Dominic Cummings alleged breach of lockdown rules discussion

    I like Boris Johnson but come on, at least acknowledge his wrongdoing. He didn’t just break lockdown he broke lockdown with his POSITIVE wife

    Want to see your photo in the forum banner?

    British train only?

    so am I tbh

    so am I tbh

    LNER to retain some Class 91s & Mk4 sets for a bit longer

    Taken from the other thread so as to not go off topic - if sounds to me like LNER are making preparations for the Edinburgh fasts to be dominated by the twelve retained 91s then. Why else would they drop two calls (which will reduce the need to decelerate and then accelerate again) and move the...

    TfW Class 170's

    That was over four years ago...

    Best fish & chips near a station?

    I love Blue Lagoon next to Glasgow Central - though I have the traditional Scottish battered haggis instead of fish 8-)

    People Who Take Ages At The Supermarket

    I think there would be a lot more calm if customers left nagging and tutting at other people to the actual staff of the store! It is not the place of the customer to do anything other than mind their own business and quickly buy their essentials.

    Thanks nhs Vinyl 700.

    I think it’s a nice touch and the train IMO is a lot more interesting than the other very bland 700s!
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    GWR Class 319 / 769 information & discussion.

    It would look disgusting. Brown. BROWN. For a train. o_O Are these 769s going to work any other routes other than North Downs?
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    If RailUKforums was a train would it be PRM/TSI compliant?

    As soon as the page numbers come back it will be extremely compliant :)
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    Trivia: Services that see the most varied stock

    Does the OP mean routes or booked services? For example Exeter to Newton Abbot sees 43, 143, 150, 220, 221, 800 and 802... but they are all different services aren’t they. London - Penzance, Exmouth - Paignton, Edinburgh - Plymouth, etc!
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    I’m really impressed; think it looks ace man, like a modern metro train you’d find in Spain or somewhere. A far cry from D Stock which was decent but did definitely look ancient
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    Gatwick Express class 387 in the brave new world

    If they are on Southern services, it wouldn’t be the first time. After all, they are run by the same TOC. Southern and Gatwick Express are purely sub-brands of Govia Thameslink Railway which is the TOC. I’ve travelled on 387s working engineering work services via Horsham and have also seen...
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    142s now totally finished at Northern correct?
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    Class 321 at Doncaster Works

    I saw a picture of a decaying 321 driving carriage stabled at Doncaster, still in First Great Eastern livery, and when I enquired about it to the person who took it, I was told nothing more than it was from 360 prototype “321449” or something like that which I’m almost certain does not exist? I...
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    It is being suggested that customers who rely on Grand Central to get to work, some of which might have key worker roles (hopefully all at the moment, if they’re travelling), cannot publicly complain that their key train service is being cut. Of course it’s concerning for staff too, but that...
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Do we know yet if any 317s/non Renatus 321s are to be stored?
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    Avanti West Coast FC Experience 19/03/20

    I’ve had it and would say it is the best meal Avanti have ever served me. I usually go for the fish dishes or curries when they do them, and I like the chilli chocolate chicken, but the pie was really good and a generous size. The Toffee sponge is good but the chocolate sponge with chocolate...
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    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    Can I ask how you know this? I think that’s a shame; I always liked the GWR 143s.