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    Real life driving techniques in TSW?

    Always start at low throttle then accelerate more as they speed up? - Yes, there are 7 notches in a Turbo, you would generally move off in notch 3 or 4. Never use more than brakes 1? (or 2? or 3?) - All brake steps are there to be used. But generally speaking you wouldn't normally need to use...
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    TfW 156?

    Thanks - with the amount of 153 moves in the last couple of years it is difficult to keep up. Have any of the GWR 153s that went to EMR further moved on to another TOC?
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    TfW 156?

    Did 153325 go to TFW direct from GWR or via EMR?
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    Paris Metro Advice

    Good find - will take a look. Thanks :)
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    what's SNCF Ouigo like

    Not to the native speaker it wouldn't be. But agree it's a bit of a daft name, but then the SNCF do have form with brand names that don't really bring anything to the party (cough cough Téoz).
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    what's SNCF Ouigo like

    From reading French media, reservations on TGVs will be limited to 50%... one can presume that the same will apply to Ouigo too. Also of note that in France it is 1 metre of social distance, not the 2 metres we are accustomed to over here.
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    Paris Metro Advice

    You've forgotten Meaux to La Ferté-Milon and the quality traction on the 1705 and 1805 (M-F) direct trains there! ;) On a serious note, Provins is a lovely day out. And if CDG is now included in a Mobilis etc., then that is one of the advantages of the Paris Visite ticket (not that there were...
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    Plenty in my part of the world - leaving Bristol you can get R / F / DF / M / DM
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    Amusing Railway Tales

    Perhaps one of those 'you had to be there moments' but I can't think back to a story of misfortune I've experienced without a daft grin appearing. Summer of 2018, and myself, brother and dad are on a busy Eurocity train from Berlin to Prague. Proper full and standing affair, thankfully we had...
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    Great Western Franchise Extension 2020 to?

    Current DOO routes still stay DOO. Only change is on the Guard routes, with them now closing the doors and the more widespread dispatch as opposed to '10 bells' in which they instruct the driver to shut the doors.
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    Great Western Franchise Extension 2020 to?

    Hmm, making a 5 coach 166 in which two vehicles are unpowered? I mean you would have a nice long train but it won't be going anywhere. A 3 car unit with one engine out is bad enough already.
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    Railroad Development Corporation ends operating agreement with Flixtrain (DE)

    I'm guessing that Flixtrain have basically took their coach model directly to the rails, given that a lot of the European low-cost coach operators actually don't own their vehicles, more so contract local operators to run the services for them (to a tight specification) with revenue split...
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    How effective are the daily COVID-19 Press Conferences?

    There was an article on FranceInfo this morning (in French) that I read on this - the UK Is very much unique in the amount of press briefings that the government are giving, and certainly in the case of France as you allude to they are very formal and scripted events with President Macron, and...
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    Class 170s stabled at KWR x 2

    I forgot to post last night, but my comment was on similar lines. You can see so much more when dispatching from a droplight window v. a saloon door where with what you can actually see, you're basically 'box-ticking' the requirement to watch the train out. And in the current era where PTI and...
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    In-built HABD

    800s do (so presumably all Hitachi IET fleets)
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    Class 150 transfers great Western railway to olr northern April 2020

    Yes, 207 did. Still had Northern blinds when it first entered service down South.
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    Off lease HST's.

    I did hear that from several Guards during my Scottish trip recently, that whilst on the whole they disliked the classics due to the doors and general run down nature (although I didn't find them too bad), they much preferred the TGS for Guard accommodation.
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    How truthful are Rail Companies' websites in reporting disruption?

    Absolutely, this forum is awash with desires for precise info on delays. The fact is that when a delay initially takes place, even the internal info to those who need to know can be extremely muddled and a game of chinese whispers. Little surprise then that the external result may later get revised.
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    Northern 150/9s

    No, only local door or whole train, if Northern 150s are the same as ones I'm familiar with. Leaves you with a choice between 1 door and all doors.
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    C4 Dispatches: Investigation reveals number of 'ghost trains' lying idle in Britain

    Absolutely, because signalling and other factors limiting linespeed would not affect journey times at all, no, definitely not.