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  1. Sun Chariot

    Does anyone have any sporty, unusual, classic, project cars?

    Last week I traded in my trusted Mazda6 2.3 Sport for this. 38k miles on the clock, the Hirsch treatment, so that 2.8 V6 pushes out 275bhp and 400Nm of torque. It's my commuting-car and I've had a grin on my face every day...
  2. Sun Chariot

    Does the Rail hobby need a kick up the......

    I recall my folks once digging out a photo of Young Sun Chariot at Quainton Road in the mid-'70s, looking decidedly wary of the enormous (to young eyes) beast, heat shimmer and forbidding eruptions of loud steam from various places. Fast forward to 2009, over in New Mexico, where I saw a father...
  3. Sun Chariot

    37409 rescues 57311

    Nice catch and good video. "Proper" traction, too!
  4. Sun Chariot

    Train liveries: When Paint + Rail = Epic Fail

    Top work - you've dug up some corkers there. I saw the WMPTE 'Canary' 312 and Visit Scotland 'Mexican Bean' 104 in the flesh (as it were) and I liked them for their boldness. Mind you, I also saw (and used) the Pilko Mk1 rake - that was wrong on so many levels... No-one has mentioned the...
  5. Sun Chariot

    Train liveries: When Paint + Rail = Epic Fail

    Intended as a light hearted thread to find those liveries or brandings which missed the "hmmm, are you sure?" sense check. Here's my starter: 47163 and 47164: when Stratford depot's Silver Jubilee gesture involved a Union Flag with completely the wrong dimensions. Maroon 47, 97561: when...
  6. Sun Chariot

    Could driverless cars replace railways?

    Last time I read one of the ads on the tube (a year ago) they charged between £4 and £5 per hour. Fine for the quick trip but that's more than £100 for a 24 hour hire period.
  7. Sun Chariot

    47430 - blue stripe?

    Possibly to do with their sphere of operation. 1. Chris Green's brand befitted the dedicated Glasgow-Edinburgh sets. 2. I suspect the Scottish 47/4s had scope to stray south. Even in those fledgling days of sectorisation, it wasn't cost effective to repaint them all; and it wasn't practical...
  8. Sun Chariot

    Could driverless cars replace railways?

    30 years ago, I was using a BBC model B computer to...join up points and make a circle. So it's highly likely we'll have a more joined-up infrastructure for our autonomous cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorbikes and mobility-scooters. I don't agree, though, that the costs and constraints of...
  9. Sun Chariot

    Diesel locos on the St Ives Branchline?

    19/03/94: The Cornish Caper. Hoovers '7 + '50 at one end, '33 at the other. Foul weather thrown in for free. You can find a clip on YouTube, too.
  10. Sun Chariot


    Hello all. Real name : not telling, because it's bad enough being stopped in the shops by dear old ladies who say "oh, get away luv, you're that man off the tele, aren't you." Teaser : I made a brief appearance with Clarkson, Needell and Willson. Age : 42 Current location : Hampshire...
  11. Sun Chariot

    Least scenic lines

    I was beaten to the case for Waterloo-Bank. So I'll go with Stourbridge Jcn to Stourbridge town.
  12. Sun Chariot

    Rugby Union

    Will Genia's sublime dummies, run and kick to Izzy Folau for the try. And, a few minutes later, George North's awesome display of power and speed from the Lions' 10m line to the touchline. Just for seeing those two moments, I can forgive the poor game management by both sides. If you...
  13. Sun Chariot

    Where to live in London?

    The OP's budget would necessitate a flat-share / house-share. 2005 to 2012, I lived in two properties on the Royal Docks (E16) and monthly rent of £1200-£1500 (excluding council tax and utilities) is typical. Limehouse and Wapping rents are even dearer.
  14. Sun Chariot

    What happened to 34007 Wadebridge 7th/8th June?

    Thanks for the link. Crikey, being able to 'wobble' the motion rods by hand certainly sounds wrong. Wadebridge romped up the Ropley-Medstead grade, on the 11:06 off Alresford. On her return from Alton, the crew stopped her 200 yards from where I was stood - I couldn't see what they were...
  15. Sun Chariot

    What happened to 34007 Wadebridge 7th/8th June?

    Hello all. Hoping a knowledgeable Watercress Line soul can shed light on this: I stopped by the Mid Hants, between Medstead and Ropley, to see the action from the nearby fields. Saturday morning, I saw 34007 Wadebride complete one out 'n' back and then it was replaced with 50027 Lion. Just...
  16. Sun Chariot

    Most expensive fare for the shortest journey time

    This thread and, within it, mention of the Heathrow Express reminded me: when the H.E. service was launched, there was a press article about how the walk-on first class fare was - £ per mile - more expensive than flying Concorde from London to New York. But, back in the day, you wouldn't have...
  17. Sun Chariot

    You wait for a supercar, then 3 come along...

    The M5 is, I agree, a benchmark car. Personally I am put off by its cabin noise and very unforgiving ride. In my view, a better compromise is BMW's Alpina B10 (5-series in E39 classic shape) - with supreme torque and a comfortable ride too). Only 250 or so were registered in the UK, so a bit...
  18. Sun Chariot

    OO Scale models with working fans and smoke?

    Nightstar - I guess that's the one advantage of Tunnel Motors - no need for rotating fans on the model. Mind you, I still need to remove the 'exposed' No.2 end gear housing on my SD40T-2s...
  19. Sun Chariot

    You wait for a supercar, then 3 come along...

    Well, from all your responses, we have two distinct groups: the desirable but still practical high-performance cars - and the full-on ridiculous supercars. Like many of you, actually owning a supercar does not appeal to me (so, by not having a spare million to buy & run one, I don't feel I'm...
  20. Sun Chariot

    What is so bad about a Pacer?

    Ah, the memories of discovering the Skippers / Slippers on the Exmouth and Barnstaple branches, back in '86. 6'6" frame wedged into the bench seats. Shouting to hear one another over the engine strain and the flange squeal. The 'al fresco' effect of cold wind through the door gaps. Managing...