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    Dominic Cummings alleged breach of lockdown rules discussion

    While the common consensus is that his story about driving to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight was a whopping great tissue of lies, I am surprised that so many people are prepared to believe his rubbish about driving to Durham for "childcare reasons" - surely it must be obvious to anyone with...
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    Agreed, they are idiotic and are only passable for the (i suspect) minority who have a) an encyclopedic familiarity with the location of every item in the shop and b) a precise planned shopping list. I'll call it the Nicholas Parsons shopping experience - no deviation, hesitation or repetition...
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    Asked to leave station

    Quite - anyone who has "reasonable excuse" to leave their place of living is allowed to travel on the railway, which includes anyone who is not reasonably able to work from home, regardless of whether they are "essential workers" or "key workers" (which are in any case subjective terms). Unless...
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    NHS Coronavirus tracking app

    I never thought I'd be saying I'd trust Google, but they've open-sourced their APIs and proven at least a base level of trustworthiness for the Apple-Google framework. As I posted upthread, the NHS isn't selling advertising, but it's Faculty AI and Palantir that are underlying it that we have...
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    NHS Coronavirus tracking app

    I will definitely not be downloading it in it's proposed current form. Sorry about the long post but this is something I've been reading a lot about in the last couple of days. NHSX has decided not to use the Apple/Google "Privacy Preserving Contact Tracing" open APIs, for which there is...
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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    In the current state where we still have widespread use of cash, an algorithm that assumes cash use is only for illegal drugs would be both useless, and borderline psychopathic on the part of those who would promote said algorithm. Equally useless would be an assumption that half of supermarket...
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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    A key benefit of cash is the lack of an electronic trail showing what one has bought and where. In a card-only system where details of every transaction are recorded, this just offers one more set of data footprints that can be analyzed to profile us. If one wants to access credit products from...
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    Thanks @transmanche, that is reassuring
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    That's a fair point and I agree. I don't have much trust (if any) in the railway system and my default point when anything changes is "this is going to be bad for me". I'm not a regular poster but I do read regularly as I want to be informed about the mode of travel I am forced to use. Thanks...
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    OK - so are we saying that the same problems could happen with card tickets and E tickets? In that case I could move to E tickets with no difference? If this is so, then great - I can start using E tickets with no deficiency in my rights
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    I have had a read of the rest of the thread, but there seems to be a confusion with M tickets which I think I understand do restrict passengers rights, versus E tickets which (please correct me if I'm wrong) are supposed to be equal to paper tickets but the theory doesn't always reflect the...
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    Thanks for reply @Starmill much appreciated. What I normally do with a card ticket is show it to staff at an intermediate station on the way out and say that I want to go out of the station for a couple of hours and then come back in later to continue the journey. At most stations this is done...
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    I had my first experience with e-tickets a couple of weeks ago when I and my colleague needed to travel from Bristol to London early in the morning, so bought our tickets from Trainsplit as the anytime fares are laughable. I was expecting to be able to collect the tickets from a machine at...
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    Forum Jokes

    That one reminded me of one of my old favourites: A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He reduced altitude and spotted a woman below. He descended a bit more and shouted, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."...
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    No you haven't, you have the right end of the stick. My partner works for JDW and they pay above minimum wage for even basic jobs and offer a good promotion path for those who want to stay in the trade and have the ambition to become managers - first at individual pub level then up to regional...
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    What do you think of Great Yarmouth?

    I think you did a typo there. Understandable though, the I and the U are right next to each other ;-)
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    Would re-introducing the POL TAX be a fairer way of collecting local taxes?

    But then again if one own's one's property and lives in it, why should the State decide that it's too big for you and you should move, and then employ nudges, punishments etc in the tax system? Buy to let may be an investment (the speculative elements of such I don't necessarily agree with in...
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    Would re-introducing the POL TAX be a fairer way of collecting local taxes?

    Smoking is a good example - I would not agree with abolishing tobacco duties but there could be a case for reducing them. Since the ban on smoking in public places, the effect of smokers on others has been negated (second-hand smoke inhalation etc no longer a problem - all right and good)...
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    Donald Trump discussion

    The Donald stated all through his election campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall. So why does he need £5bn in budget agreement from Congress? Obviously we all know the answer, but why are the media outlets not remembering this when reporting on the 'shutdown'? Everyone seems to have...
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    Who makes the excess rules?

    Is it a universal rule to not allow excesses from a TOC only ticket? I was able to excess the return portion of a Hull Trains only ticket from Kings X to Hull about a year ago, done onboard. Got the HT train from Hull to find catering was unavailable, so asked the absolutely excellent young HT...